PhD students

Current students

Name Email Topic
Lwin Lwin Welfare Dynamics and a Micro-level Poverty trap in Myanmar.
Rohan sustainable development in Asia and the Pacific
Kimlong public finance and agricultural growth
Ryan Barclay in resources, migration and development
Deni impact of free trade area (FTA) on Indonesian manufacture sector
Sirikarn Household Welfare: The Application of Weather and Disaster Shocks in Thailand
Omer policy and production fragmentation
Matthew of World Trade: An application of Network Complexity Analysis
Quynh Huy the Impacts of Public Spending on Poverty Reduction in Vietnam
Deasy Damayanti Putri Pane
Rajan Krishna Migration, Migrant Remittances and Economic Development
Umbu Changes and the Livelihood of the Poor in Developing World
Ming of climate change mitigation policies in ASEAN countries
Yessi Policy and Welfare in Indonesia
Thang Tat Relationship between Confidence and Economic Policy in Vietnam
Samuel Social capital and education / cognitive outcome of children
Moh Agung


Submitted 2015

Sitta Izza Rosdaniah(Chair of Panel: Ross McLeod)
Research Topic: Nominal and Actual Objectives of Economic Policy-making in Indonesia

Fadliya(Chair of Panel: Ross McLeod)
Research Topic: Fiscal Decentralisation in Indonesia


Recent graduates


Jagath Dissanayake (Chair of Panel: PC Athukorala)
Research Topic: Three essays on international food prices

Ariun-Erdene Bayarjargal (Chair of Panel: R Jha)
Research Topic: Inequality and economic development

Michael Cabalfin (Chair of Panel: H Hill)
Research Topic: Of milk and honey: returns to education and migration of Filipinos


Delwar Hossain (Chair of Panel: PC Athukorala)
Research Topic: Essays on capital inflows and economic development

Fahad Khan (Chair of Panel: PC Athukorala)
Research Topic: Three essays on determinants and impact of institutional quality

Manoj Kumar Pandey (Chair of Panel: R Jha)
Research Topic: Essays in the economics of ageing

Marcel Schroder (Chair of Panel: PC Athukorala)
Research Topic: Real exchange rates and foreign assets: three essays

Acram Latiph (Chair of Panel: H Hill)
Research Topic: What's wrong with Mindanao? The unequal development in the Philippines

Kien Trung Nguyen (Chair of Panel: PC Athukorala)
Research Topic: Economic reforms manufacturing employment and productivi

Sitthiroth Rasphone (Chair of Panel: P Warr)
Research Topic: Marginal benefit incidence of public spending in Laos

Nga Thi Thanh Nguyen (Chair of Panel: PC Athukorala)
Research Topic: Ownership bias and economic transition: Evidence from the manufacturing sector in Vietnam

Duc Truong Nguyen (Chair of Panel: R Jha)
Research Topic: Essays on India's monetary and fiscal policies and their interrelation

Ramesh C Paudel (Chair of panel: PC Athukorala)
Research Topic: Growth and export performance of developing countries: Is landlockedness destiny?


Rahman Abdurohman (Chair of Panel: B Resosudarmo)
Research Topic: Countercyclical fiscal policy in Indonesia


Hemantha Ekanayake (Chair of Panel: R Jha)
Research Topic: Essays on Fiscal and Monetary Interdependence

Titik Anas (Chair of Panel:  H Hill)
Research Topic: Behind the Boom and Bust of Indonesian Exports

Nitin Gupta  (Chair of Panel: R Jha)
Research Topic: Essays on India's Post-Reform Industrial Performance

Andrew Jia Yi Kam (Chair of Panel: H Hill)
Research topic: Malaysian Industrialisation: Production Fragmentation, Productivity and Technology Spillovers

Moekti Soejachmoen (Chair of Panel: H Hill)
Research topic: Why is Indonesia Left Behind in Global Production Networks

Swarnim Wagle (Chair of Panel: PC Athukorala)
Research Topic: Essays on Policy Reforms in Trade, Investment and Taxation


Shuhei Nishitateno (Supervisor: Prema-Chandra Athukorala)
Research topic: The trend of production fragmentation, its determinants and the impact of the fragmentation on Exchange Rate Pass-Through (ERPT)

Ditya Nurdianto (Supervisor: Budy Resosudarmo)
Research topic: A General Equilibrium Perspective on Energy and Environmental Policies in ASEAN

Raden Muhamad Purnagunawan (Supervisor: Chris Manning)
Research topic: Minimum Wages and Labour Market Outcomes in Decentralised Indonesia


Burke, Paul (Supervisor: Prof R Jha)
Research topic: On impacts of economic growth

Liu, Xin (Supervisor:  George Fane)
Research topic: Testing Alternative Explanations for the Uncovered Interest Parity Anomaly


Gong, Honge (Cathy) (Supervisor: Professor X Meng)
Research topic: Financial essays on spatial price differences and income mobility in urban China, 1986-2004

Matsui, Miki (Supervisor: Associate Professor Chris Manning)
Research topic: Marriage, employment and happiness: The work-life balance of Japanese women

Suphannachart, Waleerat (Supervisor: Prof P Warr)
Research topic: Research and productivity in Thailand agriculture

Taborda, Rodrigo (Supervisor: Prof PC Athukorala)
Research topic: Structural reforms and industrial adjustment in Columbia

Thomson, Russell (Supervisor: Prof H Hill, Prof PC Athukorala)
Research topic: The Determinants of technological innovation

Yeo, Christine (Supervisor: Prof X Meng)
Research topic: Three essays on individuals' responses to welfare reforms in China

Zhang, Dandan (Supervisor: Prof X Meng)
Research Topic: Employment, inequality and poverty in China


Dang, Tu (Supervisor: Prof R Jha)
Research topic: Choice between exchange rate band and corner solutions with imperfect credibility

Machmud, T M Arief (Supervisor: Prof PC Athukorala)
Research topic: Determinants of inflation in Indonesia: An econometric analysis

Sam Hill (Supervisor: Prof PC Athukorala)
Research topic: Foreign direct investment and economic growth: The role of host country policies

Jakrit Ruangkajorn (Supervisor: Prof P Warr)
The determinants of private investment in Thailand

Muhammad Nashihin (Supervisor: Prof G Fane)
Poverty incidence in Indonesia, 1987-2002: A utility-consistent approach based on a new survey of regional prices

Posso, Alberto (Supervisor: Prof PC Athukorala)
Research topic: Outward orientation and labour market outcomes in Asia and Latin America

Riyana Miranti (Supervisor: Assoc Prof C Manning)
The determinants of regional poverty in Indonesia 1984-2002

Temenggung, Della (Prof H Hill)
Research topic: Foreign direct investment and industrial transformation in Indonesia

Vidyattama, Yogi (Prof H Hill and Dr B Resosudarmo)
Research topic: Patterns of provinicial economic growth in Indonesia

Yamashita, Nobuaki (Prof PC Athukorala and Prof M Richardson)
Research topic: International fragmentation of production, trade patterns and the labour market adjustments in Japanese manufacturing

Yusuf, Arief Anshory (Supervisor: Dr B Resosudarmo)
Research topic: Distributional impact of environmental policies in Indonesia


Beng Jiunn Ang (Supervisor: Prof PC Athukorala)
The causal relationship between economic growth and financial development

Kompal Sinha (Superivsor: R Jha)
Essays in nutrition and labour supply: An empirical investigation for rural India

Quang Tien Tran (Supervisor: Prof PC Athukorala)
Foreign direct investment and industrialisation in Vietnam


Edda Claus (Supervisors: Dr M H Dungey, Dr R Fry)
Monetary policy and inflation targeting

Tao Kong (Supervisor: Prof R Garnaut)
Growth effects of political institutions

Dionisius Narjoko (Supervisor: Prof H Hill)
Indonesian manufacturing and the economic crisis of 1997/98

Kang Yong Tan (Supervisor: Prof W McKibbin, Advisor: Dr P Gai)
Dynamic learning in macroeconometric models

Hsiao Chink Tang (Supervisor: Prof W Mckibbin)
Monetary policy transmission mechanism in Malaysia: An empirical and methodological exploration

Zavkijon Zavkiev (Supervisor: Prof W McKibbin)
Modelling the Tajikistan economy with an application to the evaluation of monetary regimes


Juthathip Jongwanich (Supervisor: Prof W McKibbin, Prof PC Athukorala)
Crisis, adjustment and exchange rate policy option for post-crisis East Asia: The case study of Thailand

Archanun Kohpaiboon (Supervisor: Prof PC Athukorala)
Foreign direct investment and industrial transformation in Thailand

Natalia Ponomareva (Supervisor: Prof W McKibbin)
Monetary regimes for developing countries

Alison Stegman (Supervisor: Prof W Mckibbin)
International climate change agreements


Anurag Sharma (Supervisor: Professor Raghbendra Jha)
Fiscal deficits, banking crises and adjustment policy in a semi-open economy


Iman Sugema (Supervisor: Prof H Hill, Prof PC Athukorala)
Indonesia's deep economic crisis: The role of the banking sector in its origins and propagation

Chia-Hung Sun (Supervisor: Prof K Kalirajan, Prof W Mckibbin)
The growth process in East Asian manufacturing industries: a re-examination

Qun Shi (Supervisor: Prof G Fane)
The social security system in China - Its origin, recent reforms and the prospects of future reforms


Tingsong Jiang (Supervisor Prof W McKibbin)
Economic instruments for pollution control in an imperfect world: Theory and implications for carbon dioxide emissions control in China

M C Basri (Supervisor Prof H Hill)
The political economy of manufacturing protection in Indonesia

Kanhaiya Singh (Supervisor: Prof K Kalirajan, Prof W McKibbin)
Inflation, growth and monetary policy in India: A macroeconomic analysis


Alexandra Sidorenko (Supervisor Prof W McKibbin)
Health insurance and demand for medical care: Theory and application to Australia

Steve Seneque (Supervisor: Prof K Kalirajan)
The impact of economic reforms on Vietnam's agricultural economy (1989-1995)

X. Fan (Supervisor: Prof W. McKibbin)
Technological spillovers from foreign direct investment and industrial growth in China


Aswicahyono, H (Supervisor Prof H Hill)
Total factor productivity in Indonesia manufacturing, 1975-1993

Bird, K B (Supervisor Prof H Hill)
Industrial concentration and competition in Indonesian manufacturing

Chang, H (Supervisor Prof W McKibbin)
International trade, productivity growth, eduction and wage differentials in general equilibrium

Tang, KK (Supervisor Prof W McKibbin)
One country, two systems, how many monies? Essays on the exchange rate arrangement of Hong Kong

Thapa, P J (Supervisor Prof P Warr)
Labour heterogeneity in a farm household model: an application to Nepalese agriculture

Weerasinghe, P N (Supervisor Prof G Fane)
Trade openness and economic performance: a cross-country empirical study


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