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Research briefing

Robert Costanza, recently appointed Chair in Public Policy at Crawford School and a Fellow of Asia and the Pacific Policy Society, shares his thoughts on the study of humans and the rest of nature to address sustainability and well-being.

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Publications in journals

Targeting the public purse: Advocacy coalitions and public finance in the Philippines

Administration & Society
Volume 44, Issue 6, 2012

Björn Dressel

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Substitution between biofuels and fossil fuels: Is there a green paradox?

Journal of Environmental Economics and Management
Volume 64, Issue 3, November 2012

Quentin Grafton, Tom Kompas, Ngo Van Long

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Global insights into water resources, climate change and governance

Nature Climate Change
25 November 2012

Quentin Grafton,  Jamie Pittock,  Richard Davis,  John Williams,  Guobin Fu,  Michele Warburton,  Bradley Udall,  Ronnie McKenzie,  Xiubo Yu,  Nhu Che,  Daniel Connell, Qiang Jiang, Tom Kompas,  Amanda Lynch, Richard Norris,  Hugh Possingham,  John Quiggin

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Managing natural wealth: Research and implementation of ecosystem services in the United States and Canada

Ecosystem Services
October 2012

Jennifer L. Molnar, Ida Kubiszewski

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Survey of recent developments

Bulletin of Indonesian Economic Studies
Volume 48, Issue 3, 2012

Paul J. Burke, Budy P. Resosudarmo

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Taiwan's Asia Pacific economic strategies after the Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement

Journal of the Asia Pacific Economy
28 November 2012

Shiro Armstrong

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Australian trade policy strategy contradictions

The World Economy
Volume 35, Issue 12, 2012
December 2012

Shiro Armstrong

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Malaysia: A success story stuck in the middle?

The World Economy
December 2012

Hal Hill, Tham S. Yean, Ragayah H., M. Ziin

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Certifying in contested spaces: Private regulation in Indonesian forestry and palm oil

Third World Quarterly
Volume 33, Issue 10, 2012

John F. McCarthy

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Gender (plays) in Tanjung Bara mining camp in Eastern Kalimantan, Indonesia

Gender, Place & Culture: A Journal of Feminist Geography
November 2012

Kuntala Lahiri-Dutt

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Working papers

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Wage differentials between Immigrants and the native-born in Australia

Crawford School Working Paper No. 12-12
December 2012

Lixin Cai, Amy Y.C. Liu

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Global production sharing and FDI-trade nexus: New evidence from the Japanese automobile industry

Asia Pacific Economic Papers No. 397, 2012
by Australia Japan Research Centre
December 2012

Shuhei Nishitateno

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Nonperforming loans and public asset management companies in Malaysia and Thailand

Asia Pacific Economic Paper No 398, 2012
by Australia Japan Research Centre
December 2012

Masahiro Inoguchi

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Spatial dimensions of expenditure inequality and the role of education in Indonesia: An analysis of the 2008-2010 Susenas Panel data

Crawford School Working Paper No. 12-11
December 2012

Mitsuhiro Hayashi, Mitsuhiko Kataoka, Takahiro Akita

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Other notable publications


Energy, resources and food

East Asia Forum Quarterly
October-December 2012

Co-edited by Quentin Grafton and Tom Kompas

  • 'Agricultural transformation' by Peter Timmer
  • 'Balancing industrial demand and energy supply' by Arunabha Ghosh
  • 'Securing the region's energy and resources' by Mike Henry, Andrew Kennedy and Peter Drysdale
  • 'The benefits of being Asia's next-door neighbour' by Fatih Birol
  • 'Time for an integrated development agenda' by Shenggen Fan
  • 'The future of nuclear power in Asia'  by Vlado Vivoda
  • 'Sustaining Southeast Asia's forests'  by Fitrian Ardiansyah
  • 'The time for transboundary management has arrived' by Robert G. Wirsing
  • 'The case for greater energy cooperation'  by Jack Barnes and Suman Bery
  • 'China is changing the renewables business'  by Eric Knight
  • 'Quenching China's thirst for economic growth' by Hong Yang, Zhuoying Zhang and Minjun Shi
  • 'China's positive stance on global food policy' by Katherine Morton
  • 'China's energy security strategies'  by Kejun Jiang
  • 'Commitment needed to achieve food security' by Peter Warr
  • 'China's climate change policy: greener growth?' By Frank Jotzo and Yongsheng Zhang
  • 'Turning point: a bigger role for APEC'  by Takato Ojimi
  • 'The role of greater farm productivity and trade' by Kym Anderson
  • 'Sino–Russian cooperation on gas: reality and implications' by Kuen-Wook Paik
  • 'Saving the fish in Asia and the Pacific'  by Tom Kompas

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White Paper targets are lofty, but worthy, goals

Australian Financial Review
5 November 2012

Glenn Withers

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Has Doha set up a '$3 billion hit to taxpayers'? 

Climate Spectator
12 December 2012

Frank Jotzo and Jonathan Pickering

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Australia's Kyoto 2 target: shaking up our thinking

The Conversation
29 November 2012

Frank Jotzo

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Korea: Beyond preferential trade deals

Korea Economic Institute and the Korea Institute for International Economic Policy
Volume 28, 2012

Shiro Armstrong

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Sustainable Leadership

Project Syndicate
December 2012

Robert Costanza

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Measuring China's Harmony

Project Syndicate
November 2012

Robert Costanza

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Outreach & engagements



Ben Reilly presented a seminar titled 'Is there Mileage in Democracy: China, Southeast Asia and the Future of ASEAN' at the Institute of Asian Research and Department of Political Science at the University of British Columbia.



Robert Costanza and Ida Kubiszewski participated in the 5th Ecosystem Services Partnership Annual Conference in Portland, Oregon, US.

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Robert Costanza was a guest speaker in a workshop on 'Valuing Adaptation', organised by Monash University on 11 December 2012. This Workshop explored competing ideas and approaches to valuing the benefits of climate change adaptation actions, and examined how values influence how adaptation decision are made.

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Robert Costanza presented a talk on 'Ecosystem Services and Sustainable Development' at the University of Queensland on 19 November 2012

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Robert Costanza was a guest speaker at a conference on 'Expanding the Economy: Perspectives on Growth, Well-being and Prosperity', organised by the Whitlam Institute at the University of Western Sydney

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Staff news & promotions

  2012 ARC Success for Crawford!

Discovery Early Career Research Awards
  • Bjoern Dressel on 'Courts, Politics and Power in Southeast Asia', awarded $369,573

  • Andrew Kennedy on 'The Search for Technology and Power in China and India', awarded $355,015

Discovery Projects

  • Benjamin Hillman on 'Governing China's Multiethnic Frontiers in the 21st Century', awarded $179,575

  • Kuntala Lahiri-Dutt on 'Beyond the Resource Curse: Charting A Path to Sustainable Livelihoods for Mineral-Dependent Communities', awarded $295,193


Luca Tacconi, Director of the Asia Pacific Network for Environmental Governance at Crawford School, has been promoted to Professor in environmental governance.

  Ippei Fujiwara, Associate Professor at Crawford School, has been named as Acting Director of AJRC (Australia Japan Research Centre).  Ippei's research interests include international finance, monetary economics and macroeconomics.

Achievements by students and PhDs


Award of the degree of Doctor of Philosophy to Dr Hoa Minh Thi Nguyen. Congratulations Hoa, on your achievement!

  • PhD Dissertation:  'Inequality, Rural Development and Food Policy:  Essays in Applied Economics and Microeconometrics'
  • Supervisor: Professor Trevor Breusch and Professor Tom Kompas

In case you missed it...


Is regional economic integration enough?  The search for 'Wave 3' growth

Ian Buchanan, Chairman, Australian Pacific Economic Cooperation Committee (AusPECC)

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PECC State of the Region report 2012 – 2013

Growth in the Asia-Pacific this year is expected to increase slightly to 3.7 per cent from last year's 3.5 percent. Looking ahead to 2013, growth will be much the same at 3.9 per cent. However, these forecasts, based on the IMF's World Economic Outlook rely on some assumptions: that financial conditions on the Eurozone will ease; expansionary policies in emerging markets will gain traction; and the United States will find a solution to the fiscal dilemma it faces at the end of the year. In short, the downside risks to the forecast are enormous and uncertainty remains abundant.

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