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50/50 gender commitment: April & May

12 June 2018

In December 2017 Crawford School Director Professor Helen Sullivan committed the school to a gender balance in its public events program.

The target looked at two simple measures – the gender balance on individual panel events held at the school, and the overall balance of male to female participation across all of Crawford’s public events.

In the latest of our regular updates, we take a look at the progress so far on both these measures.

This report covers the months of April and May, a period in which the School held 32 events featuring 61 different speakers and participants.

In April, when 12 events were held, a disappointing 18 (75%) of the participants were male. In addition, the one panel event held featured four male speakers and only one female.

In May, the School put on 20 events that featured 37 participants. The figures were better with 17 (46%) of participants female and 20 (54%) male. In addition, the School put on three panel events, two of which had a gender balance and one of which did not (featuring one female participant and six male).

To date this year, the School has put on 66 events that featured 339 speakers. Of these 180 (48%) of participants were female and 195 (52%) of participants have been male.

“These figures tell a mixed story,” said Professor Robert Breunig, a member of the School’s Gender Equity and Diversity Committee.

“It’s very pleasing that across all of our events program we are so close to a 50/50 gender balance. I’d like to take the opportunity to congratulate and thank everyone on their hard work in getting us to where we are, and encourage them to keep going. It’s fantastic to see so many people around the School pulling in the same direction to achieve this goal.

“However, the figures also reveal some disappointing information. It is disappointing, for example, that we continue to see panel events that do not have a gender balance. The School’s commitment here is quite clear.

“Also, we should be aware that change is happening slower in some areas than in others. Some event organisers have achieved excellent gender balance figures, and those numbers are – to an extent – propping up the overall numbers.

“We all want to achieve these goals, so I look forward to seeing improvement in the figures in the months ahead.”

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