Anjo's climate odyssey: from PNG Highlands to COP28

07 December 2023

Anderson Anjo comes from Wabag in the Enga Province, Papua New Guinea. His journey from rural roots to the bustling Port Moresby showcases his dedication to education and passion for environmental science.

Armed with a background in science and sustainability, Anjo found his way to the ANU Crawford School of Public Policy driven by the Environmental and Resource Economics Program it offered. This strategic decision was fuelled by his desire to bridge the gap between science and economics, delving into concepts such as environmental bonds, green bonds, carbon tax, carbon pricing, and other market-based policies. Anjo’s pursuit of a Master’s degree in Environmental and Resource Economics at Crawford has broadened his understanding, marrying economics with his scientific foundation.

Anjo has been intrigued by the growing carbon market in PNG, focusing on market-based instruments. Comparing them to familiar command-and-control regulations, he explores their effectiveness in reducing pollution.

As the ANU First Nation or Pacific Island Scholarship recipient and first-time attendee at the 2023 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP28), Anjo anticipates a dynamic and intense experience at COP28. He envisions robust debates and discussions, with developed nations steering debates to their advantage while the Pacific and small developing island nations strive for attention on mitigation, adaptation, and climate fund accessibility.

Anjo’s passion lies in the intersection of mitigation, adaptation, and accessing climate funds, particularly in understanding how impacted countries can utilise these funds to assist affected communities. He aims to hone his negotiation skills and gain overall COP28 experience, fostering connections with like-minded counterparts.

Reflecting on the impact of COP28 on his future, Anjo envisions the experience playing a key role in climate change discussions, contributing to the development of plans, programs, and instruments to address climate change and its impacts.

Follow Anjo’s experiences on this impactful adventure through Crawford’s social media accounts and learn more about the pressing issues he is championing.

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