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Budy P Resosudarmo

Associate Professor, The Arndt-Corden Department of Economics


BSc (Electrical, ITB), MSc (OR, Delaware), PhD (AgEcon, Cornell)

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Articles in Academic Journal

  • Yusuf, A.A and B.P. Resosudarmo (2015), “On the Distributional Impact of a Carbon Tax in Developing Countries: the Case of Indonesia”, Environmental Economics and Policy Studies (forthcoming).
  • Yamazaki, S., E. Hoshino and B.P. Resosudarmo (2015), “No-take Marine Reserves and Illegal Fishing under Imperfect Enforcement”, Australian Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics (forthcoming).
  • Bhattacharyya, S. and B.P. Resosudarmo (2015), “Growth, Growth Accelerations, and the Poor: Lessons from Indonesia”, World Development, 66: 154-165.
  • Resosudarmo, B.P. and D. Suryadarma (2014), “The Impact of Childhood Migration on Educational Attainment: Evidence from rural-urban migrants in Indonesia”, Asian Population Studies, 10(3): 319-333.
  • Amalia, M., B.P. Resosudarmo and J. Bennett, (2014), “The Consequences of Urban Air Pollution for Child Health: What does Self-Reporting Data in the Jakarta Metropolitan Area Reveal?”, Masyarakat Indonesia, 39(2): 527-550.
  • Resosudarmo, B.P. (2012), “Implementing a National Environmental Policy: Understanding the ‘Success’ of the 1989-1999 Integrated Pest Management Programme in Indonesia”, Singapore Journal of Tropical Geography, 33(3): 365-380.
  • Burke, P. and B.P. Resosudarmo (2012), “Survey of Recent Developments”, Bulletin of Indonesian Economic Studies, 48(3): 299-324.
  • Resosudarmo, B.P., C. Sugiyanto and A. Kuncoro (2012), “Livelihood Recovery after Natural Disasters and The Role of Aid: The Case of the 2006 Yogyakarta Earthquake”, Asian Economic Journal, 26(3): 233-259.
  • Nurdianto, D.A. and B.P. Resosudarmo (2011), “Prospects and Challenges for an ASEAN Energy Integration Policy”, Environmental Economics and Policy Studies, 13(2): 1-25.
  • Resosudarmo, B.P., A.A. Yusuf, D. Hartono and D.A. Nurdianto (2011), “Regional Economic Modelling for Indonesia: Implementation of IRSA-INDONESIA5”, Journal of Indonesian Economy and Business, 26(3): 287-309.
  • Resosudarmo, B.P. and A.A. Yusuf (2009), “Survey of Recent Developments”, Bulletin of Indonesian Economic Studies, 45(3): 287-316.
  • Yusuf, A.A. and B.P. Resosudarmo (2009), “Does Clean Air Matter in Developing Countries’ Megacities? A Hedonic Price Analysis of the Jakarta Housing Market, Indonesia”, Ecological Economics, 68(5): 1398-1407.
  • Resosudarmo, B.P., D.A. Nurdianto and D. Hartono (2009), “The Indonesian Inter-Regional Social Accounting Matrix for Fiscal Decentralization Analysis”, Journal of Indonesian Economy and Business, 24(2): 145-162.
  • Resosudarmo, B.P. and M. Irhamni (2008), “Indonesia’s Industrial Policy Reforms and Their Environmental Impacts”, Journal of the Asia Pacific Economy, 13(4): 426-450.
  • Resosudarmo, B.P. (2008), “The Economy-wide Impact of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) in Indonesia”, ASEAN Economic Bulletin, 25(3): 316-333.
  • Hill, H., B.P. Resosudarmo and Y. Vidyattama (2008), “Indonesia’s Changing Economic Geography”, Bulletin of Indonesian Economic Studies, 44(3): 407-435.
  • Yamazaki, S. and B.P. Resosudarmo (2008), “Does Sending Farmers Back to School have an Impact? Revisiting the Issue”, The Developing Economies, 46(2): 135-150.
  • Hartono, D. and B.P. Resosudarmo (2008), “The Economy-wide Impact of Controlling Energy Consumption in Indonesia: An Analysis using a Social Accounting Matrix Framework”, Energy Policy, 36(4): 1404-1419.
  • Yusuf, A.A. and B.P. Resosudarmo (2008), “Mitigating Distributional Impact of Fuel Pricing Reform: Indonesian Experience”, ASEAN Economic Bulletin, 25(1): 32-47.
  • Resosudarmo, B.P., D. Hartono and D.A. Nurdianto (2008), “Inter-Island Economic Linkages and Connections in Indonesia”, Economics and Finance in Indonesia, 56(3): 288-306.
  • Resosudarmo, B.P. and N.L. Subiman (2006), “The Link between Firm Characteristics, Bribery, and Illegal Logging in Indonesian Wood-based Industries”, ASEAN Economic Bulletin, 23(3): 360-372.
  • Resosudarmo, B.P. and A. Kuncoro (2006), “The Political Economy of Indonesian Economic Reform: 1983-2000”, Oxford Development Studies, 34(3): 341-355.
  • Resosudarmo, B.P. and A.A. Yusuf (2006), “Is the Log Export Ban an Efficient Instrument for Economic Development and Environmental Protection? The Case of Indonesia”, Asian Economic Papers, 5(2): 75-104.
  • Resosudarmo, B.P. and Y. Vidyattama (2006), “Regional Income Disparity in Indonesia: A Panel Data Analysis”, ASEAN Economic Bulletin, 23(1): 31-44.
  • Kuncoro, A. and B.P. Resosudarmo (2006), “Survey of Recent Developments”, Bulletin of Indonesian Economic Studies, 42(1): 7-31.
  • Miranti, R. and B.P. Resosudarmo (2005), “Understanding Regional Poverty in Indonesia: Is Poverty Worse in the East than in the West?”, Australasian Journal of Regional Studies, 11(2): 141-154.
  • Athukorala, P. and B.P. Resosudarmo (2005), “The Indian Ocean Tsunami: Economic Impact, Disaster Management and Lessons”, Asian Economic Papers, 4(1): 1-39.
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  • Tokunaga, S., B.P. Resosudarmo, L.E. Wuryanto, N.T. Dung (2003), “An Inter-regional CGE Model to Assess the Impacts of Tariff Reduction and Fiscal Decentralization on Regional Economy: The Case of - Indonesia”, Studies in Regional Science, 33(2): 1-25.
  • MacIntyre, A. and B.P. Resosudarmo (2003), “Survey of Recent Developments”, Bulletin of Indonesian Economic Studies, 39(2): 133-56.
  • Resosudarmo, B.P. (2003), “River Water Pollution in Indonesia: An Input-Output Analysis”, International Journal of Environment and Sustainable Development, 2(1): 62-77.
  • Resosudarmo, B.P. (2002), “Indonesia’s Clean Air Program.” Bulletin of Indonesian Economic Studies, 38(3): 343-65.
  • Nicholson, C.F., B.P. Resosudarmo and R. Wackernagel (2001), “Impact of the Northeast Interstate Dairy Compact on New England Milk Supply”, Agricultural and Resource Economics Review, 30(1): 93-103.
  • Resosudarmo, B.P. and E. Thorbecke (1998), “Reducing The Number of Pesticide Related Illnesses: The Impact on Household Incomes in Indonesia”, Bulletin of Indonesian Economic Studies, 34(2): 143-57.
  • Resosudarmo, B.P. and E. Thorbecke (1996), “The Impact of Environmental Policies on Household Incomes for Different Socio-Economic Classes: The Case of Air Pollutants in Indonesia”, Ecological Economics, 17(2): 83-94.
  • Resosudarmo, B.P. (1995), “The Construction of A Bioeconomic Model of the Indonesian Flying Fish”, Marine Resource Economics, 10(4): 357-372.

Edited Books

  • Resosudarmo, B.P. and F. Jotzo (eds) (2009), Working with Nature against Poverty: Development, Resources and the Environment in Eastern Indonesia, Singapore: Institute for Southeast Asian Studies.
  • Resosudarmo, B.P. (ed.) (2005), The Politics and Economics of Indonesia’s Natural Resources, Singapore: Institute for Southeast Asian Studies.

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