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Bachelor of Science (Honours), The Australian National University - conferred 2016

Master of Science Communication, The Australian National University - conferred 2018

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Hi there!

I am a PhD candidate in the Resources, Environment & Development (RE&D) Department at the Crawford School of Public Policy. My research is looking at social attitudes towards climate change - specifically framing - in the Australian context.

What I’m interested in my research is building up more of a nuance understanding of climate change framing in the Australian context as a lot of research has been focused on the US, UK, and Europe. I’m taking a mixed method approach including systematic evidence synthesis; qualitative interviews; and quantitative surveys to try and investigate different aspects of what framing is; how it’s useful; and the different role it can play in communication and engaging people with complex environmental issues (with a focus on climate change). If you’d like to know more about my research, there are more details further down the page.

If you have any questions about my research please don’t hesitate to email me at or find me on Twitter @NicBadullovich 

PhD programme

Resources, Environment & Development (RE&D)

Supervisor(s) and panel members

Topic title

Understanding climate change framing in an Australian context

Topic description

Like I mentioned above, my research is focussed on understanding social attitudes towards climate change. Climate change is one of those wildly complex problems that has progressed from being a scientific issue, to one with varying political, social and ethical dimensions. My main focus area of research is in understanding how climate change is being framed.

Framing is a way that we help shape meaning of an issue, through emphasising different aspects of it. It’s really useful for big complex socio-political issues like climate change. Instead of talking about climate change as a scientific issue, it can be framed as an economic opportunity; a public health issue; or be framed in terms of its local vs. distant impacts (to name a few). The way you frame it can affect things like attitudes, and intended behaviours, but also presents ways for us to understand how to have more productive discussions leading to better outcomes.

My research will investigate the different framings of climate change in the Australian context with discrete but linking projects (evidence synthesis; qualitative interviews; and quantitative surveys) aimed at gaining a richer understanding of how climate change is being framed and where we can go next. Framing has a lot of value to offer and, I believe, needs to be investigated through different theoretical approaches.

Supervisor: Dr. Rebecca Colvin (RE&D)

Advisors: Prof. Iain Walker (University of Melbourne); Dr. Chris Cvitanovic (CPAS); Dr. Samantha Stanley (RSP)

I will be completing my thesis by compilation (publication) and plan to steadily publish papers throughout my PhD process. You can keep up to date with those here:


Badullovich, N. (2022). ‘ It is a bloody big and responsible job ’: perspectives on climate change communication from Australia‑focused practitioners. Climate Action, 1–13.

Badullovich, N. (2022). From influencing to engagement: a framing model for climate communication in polarised settings. Environmental Politics, 1–20.

Badullovich, N., Grant, W. J., and Colvin, R. M., Framing climate change for effective communication: A systematic map, Environmental Research Letters, 2020, https DOI:

Duggan, J., Haddaway, N. R., & Badullovich, N. (2021). Climate emotions: it is ok to feel the way you do. The Lancet Planetary Health, 5(12), 854–855.

Cvitanovic, C., van Putten, E. I., Kelly, R., Feldman, H., Vansteveninck, T., Mackay, M., and Badullovich, N., Engaging more effectively with visitors to coastal regions for improved management outcomes: Insights from the Ningaloo Coast, Australia, Frontiers in Marine Science, 2020, DOI:

Scholarships and fellowships

Australian Government Research Training Program (AGRTP) Scholarship

ANU Climate Change Institute PhD supplementary scholarship

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Crawford School of Public Policy
ANU College of Asia & the Pacific
J.G. Crawford Building No. 132
Lennox Crossing
The Australian National University
Canberra ACT 2601 Australia

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