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MA Political Economy
Sydney University

MA International Relations
University of New South Wales

BA History and Asian Studies
University of Tasmania

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Working in the spaces between political economy, political geography and comparative politics, Tristan’s research focuses on historical institutional interrelationality between public finance and industrial development in national economic systems in East Asia and Eurasia. Focused on China’s public administration and public finance institutions, his work covers China’s geoindustrial policy and impact on external geographies in Central Asia and the Middle East.

Tristan has published opeds in Financial Times, Nikkei Asian Review, South China Morning Post and Straits Times, been quoted by Reuters, Wall Street Journal, and The Atlantic, and published in academic journals such as Global Policy, Journal of Chinese Political Science, and Central Asian Affairs. His work has been translated into Russian, Chinese, Spanish, Azeri and Viet Namese.

He has worked extensively in corporate and government research, covering trade, industry, energy and agriculture policy, as well as aluminium, steel, grain and oilseeds markets. Tristan has worked with major governments and corporate clients in Europe, North America, Russia, Australia and Singapore, mostly focused on resources, hydrocarbons, and agroindustrials. He has lived and worked in China, Thailand, Korea Republic, Taiwan and Kazakhstan for over ten years, speaking and reading Chinese, Thai and German.

PhD programme

Political Science and International Relations

Topic title

China's External Industrial Policy 2012-2017



• Kenderdine, Tristan and Lan Peiyuan, ‘China’s Middle East Investment Policy’ Eurasian Geography and Economics, 2019 (forthcoming)
• Kenderdine, Tristan, China’s Inland Civil Nuclear Strategy: Making the Case at Home First Global Asia, Vol. 13 No. 4, December 2018
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Book Reviews

• Kenderdine, Tristan [Book Review]: China’s Arctic Ambitions and What They Mean for Canada, Polar Record (forthcoming)
• Kenderdine, Tristan [Book Review]: Russian Cosmism, Utopian Studies (forthcoming)
• Kenderdine, Tristan [Review Essay]: Russian Foreign Policy in the Middle East, The Middle East Journal, Winter 2019
• Kenderdine, Tristan [Book Review]: China’s Political Economy Under the Microscope, Global Asia, Vol. 13 No. 4, December 2018
• Kenderdine, Tristan [Review Essay]: Geoeconomics of Natural Gas in Eurasia, Geopolitics, 2018
• Kenderdine, Tristan [Book Review]: The Central Asia-Afghanistan Relationship: from Soviet Intervention to Silk Road Initiative, by Marlene Laruelle (ed.), Central Asian Survey 2018
• Kenderdine, Tristan [Book Review]: Carl Schmitt and Leo Strauss in the Chinese-Speaking World: Reorienting the Political, by Kai Marchal & Carl K. Y. Shaw (eds.) Journal of Chinese Political Science, Vol. 23, No. 3, 2018
• Kenderdine, Tristan [Book Review]: China’s Eurasian Century? Political and Strategic Implications of the Belt and Road Initiative by Nadège Rolland, China Quarterly, Vol. 234, June 2018
• Kenderdine, Tristan [Book Review]: The Political Economy of the Agri-Food System in Thailand: Hegemony, Counter-Hegemony, and Co-Optation of Oppositions, by Prapimphan Chiengkul, Asian Politics and Policy, Vol. 10, No. 2, April 2018

Op Eds

Kazakhstan as an Arctic State and a Maritime Power, Central Asia-Caucasus Analyst, January 2019
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Towards a Central Asia and Caucasus Trade Bloc for Belt and Road, Central Asia-Caucasus Analyst, October 2018
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Commissioned research and policy papers

• Policy Submission to Australia Foreign Policy White Paper, Australia Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, February 2017
• Palm Oil Intelligence Visualisation Project, commissioned by Palm Oil Analytics, February 2017
• Essential Palm Oil Statistics 2017 commissioned by Palm Oil Analytics, December 2016
• Advance EU Access to Financial Incentives for Innovation in China, commissioned by the European Commission, July 2016 (Junior Expert)
• EU-China Legal and Regulatory Reform Agenda, commissioned by the European Commission, 2016 (EU-CLERA Manager)
• China Restructures Agricultural Support, commissioned by the European Commission, July 2016 (coauthor)
• China and CCAMLR— Building a Science Power, commissioned by Pew Charitable Trusts, May 2016 (coauthor)
• Policy Process and Policy Risk in China, confidential report commissioned by BHP Billiton, April 2016
• China-Oman Trade and Investment Relations: Development Opportunities, commissioned by Oxford Analytica, February 2016
• China Fourth Quarter 2015 Agricultural Policy Update, commissioned by Canola Council of Canada January 2016
• China’s Blue Strategy for Global Oceans, commissioned by Pew Charitable Trusts, November 2015 (coauthor)
• China Third Quarter 2015 Agricultural Policy Update, commissioned by Canola Council of Canada October 2015 (coauthor)
• China Plans its Future in the Antarctic, commissioned by Antarctic Ocean Alliance for the Antarctic and Southern Ocean Coalition, July 2015 (coauthor)
• China Second Quarter 2015 Agricultural Policy Update, commissioned by Canola Council of Canada June 2015 (coauthor)
• China: Commodities, Energy, Environment, confidential report commissioned by UC Rusal, March 2015 (coauthor)
• Rising Demand, Growing Challenges—The Regulatory Environment for Canola in China, Commissioned by Canola Council of Canada, December 2014 (coauthor)
• China’s 2014 Reform Agenda—Implications for Quality Infrastructure in the Machinery and Equipment Sector, commissioned by Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GIZ for submission to the German Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy BMWi, August 2014
• Horse Racing in China—A Mirage in the Distance, commissioned by Europe China Research and Advice Network, August 2014
• Public Procurement in China—Development and Directions for Greater Market Access, commissioned by Europe China Research and Advice Network, June 2014
• Rice Imports to China—Market Entry Strategies for Basmati, commissioned by Amira Nature Foods, May 2014


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• China Second Quarter Agricultural Policy Update’ Canola Council of Canada, May 2015
• Feeding China—Everyone’s Business, Australia China Business Council, Sydney, December 2015
• China’s Industrial Policy and High-speed Rail Development, University of Sydney, May 2013


• Australian Commonwealth Constitutional Law, University of Akureyri, Iceland, February 2018
• Rechstaat, Etat de Droit, and Rule of Law—Revolution and Evolution of Administrative Law in Prussia, France and England, Dalian Maritime University, October 2016
• Multi-level Governance—Beyond the European Union and Horizontal Integration, Dalian Maritime University, October 2016
• History of Political Philosophy—Thomas Hobbes: Secular Moralism, State of Nature and Powers of the Sovereign, Australian National University, July 2015
• History of Political Philosophy—John Locke: Natural Law, Legitimate Rights, Property and the Class State, Australian National University, July 2015

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