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Researcher Focus

Researcher Focus: Sharon Bessell

Sharon Bessell’s main research interest is social policy for children identified as vulnerable or ‘at risk’, with a particular focus on rights-based policy. She has recently completed three large projects; a nine-country study into the physical and emotional punishment of children in Asia and the Pacific, the development of a framework for undertaking situation analyses of child labour and children's work (developed with Dr Judith Ennew, University of Cambridge); and ACT policies for children and young people in the care and protection system. Sharon’s second research interest is gender and political representation. Sharon's research focuses primarily on Indonesia, the Philippines, Australia and, more recently, Fiji.
Sharon’s current and future research is focusing on children and citizenship and children’s participation in decision making. She is particularly interested in the application of feminist theories of citizenship to children, as a means of understanding children’s roles and responsibilities within families and communities. Over the coming months, Sharon will be involved in two research projects. The first, undertaken in conjunction with the Youth Coalition of the ACT, will examine the attitudes of policymakers and service providers in the ACT to ideas about children’s participation and children’s citizenship. The second focuses on the ways in which a citizenship framework can be used to analyse polices for vulnerable children, with case studies from Indonesia, the Philippines, Fiji and Australia. As part of this project, and in collaboration with researchers in Southeast Asia, the Pacific and Europe, she is currently establishing a Children’s Policy and Citizenship Network.  The Network will aim to promote policy-focused research on children in the Asia Pacific region.

Sharon also has a strong interest in participatory, rights-based models for doing research with children. Over the past year she has published several articles on this issue and has been involved in the development of methods for doing research with children in collaboration with Save the Children, UNICEF and researchers from the National University of Singapore, the University of Queensland and the University of Cambridge.

 For further information on Sharon and her work, please see:


Organised Research Units

Parliamentary Study Centre

Crawford’s newest Organised Research Unit is the Parliamentary Study Centre (PSC) and John Uhr of the Policy and Governance Program is its inaugural director.

The Centre will give priority to the comparative dimension of parliamentary studies. As Director, one of John early tasks is to pursue ARC funding for a research program in comparative legislative studies through a Linkage Grant supported by the Commonwealth Parliament (through the Clerks of the Departments of the House of Representatives and the Senate) with funding requests to State and Territory parliaments to follow next year.

The three main aims of the Centre are:

1. Research Output: To promote internationally-recognised parliamentary studies in Australia, the Asia Pacific region, and beyond

2. Research Network: To draw linkages between researchers and parliamentary institutions in Australia, the region and beyond

3. Policy Network: To promote parliament in Australian public policy debate

To pursue these aims, the PSC will become Australia’s primary research centre on parliamentary studies, promoting the study of legislative institutions in the governmental and policy process of Australia and other nations in the region. The PSC will be an international facility linking Australian and international researchers with interests in legislative studies in Australia and the region.

The PSC has an active program of events scheduled for 2006. The next major event is on 27 October that will feature a panel of senators and a panel of House of Representatives and ACT Legislative Assembly speakers at the Innovations Lecture Theatre on Friday 27 October.

For further information about the Parliamentary Studies Centre please send your browser to or feel free to contact John directly.

Staff and Student Activities

Jeff Bennett delivered a paper, prepared with John Rolfe, entitled ‘The impact of offering two versus three alternatives in Choice Modelling experiments’ at the 3rd World Congress of Environmental and Resource Economists, Kyoto, Japan. He also delivered a paper, prepared with John Rolfe, entitled ‘Applying non market valuation techniques to Australian Natural Resource Policy Issues’ at the American Agricultural Economics Association Annual Meeting, Long Beach, USA. A paper, prepared with Xuehong Wang, entitled ‘Estimating non-market environmental benefits of the conversion of cropland to forest and grassland program’ was delivered at the 8th Annual Bioecon Conference, Cambridge, UK. ‘The value of improved environmental health in Victorian Rivers’ a paper with Dumsday, Howell and Sturgess was delivered at 9th International River Symposium in Brisbane.

Jeff travelled to Sri Lanka and India as part of his role as a member of panel undertaking an external program and management review of the International Water Management Institute (IWMI) on behalf of the Science Council of the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research. He also spent a week as a guest at the Property and Environment Research Centre (PERC) in Bozeman Montanna.

Satish Chand was a witness at the Senate Standing Committee on Employment, Workplace Relations and education on 22 August to answer queries on temporary labour mobility from the Pacific islands into Australia.

Andy Choi has finalised his data analysis and presented some preliminary results to the 14th International Conference on Cultural Economics (6-9 July 2006, Vienna, Austria), hosted by the Association for Cultural Economics International. The paper was revised and has been published as a EMD occasional paper. Andy also plans to submit the paper to a journal.

Andy has initiated and organised a reading/discussion group, Non-market Valuation Talk (NMV Talk in short). The group, which meets weekly, shares ideas and experience.

Philippa Dee presented a paper, entitled 'Multinational Corporations and Pacific Regionalism' to the PAFTAD 31 conference on Multinational Corporations and the Rise of a Network Economy in the Pacific Rim in Guadalajara, Mexico on 10-12 June 2006.

She also presented a concept paper, entitled 'Institutional Strategies within APEC for Improving the Microeconomic Policy Foundations of East Asia's Economic Performance to a workshop on Institutional Strategies within APEC for Improving the Microeconomic Policy Foundations of East Asia's Economic Performance held at the ANU on 16-17 July.

Quentin Grafton has just been appointed as a member of the Expert Advisory Committee for the Australian Government’s Maintaining Australia’s Biodiversity Hotspots Programme and the College of Reviewers of the Canada Research Chairs. He recently served as member of the Selection Advisory Panel to the Australian Natural Resources Management Standing Committee.

He gave a presentation on 22 June entitled 'Globalisation: Mixing Peoples, Economies, Cultures and Technologies' at the National Museum of Australia as part of the Global Change and the Earth System: An ANU Symposium. He also presented a paper (jointly with Tom Kompas) entitled 'A Synthesised Approach to Fisheries Governance' on 15 August at the International Association of Agricultural Economists in Gold Coast.

Quentin has been invited by the Rockefeller Foundation to hold a meeting on 20-25 February 2007 at its Bellagio Study and Conference Center in Italy entitled ‘Blueprint for Sustaining Global Fisheries’. The meeting will include participants from around the world and key international organisations such as the World Bank, IUCN, FAO and the OECD and several NGOs.

Timo Henckel delivered a seminar on ‘ Exchange Rate Dynamics and Regimes’ to participants in the Economic Policy Analysis Course, held in the Department of the Treasury in May. Later this month he deliver a course entitled ‘ Introduction to Economics’ to the Department.

He was a discussant at the Japan Project Meeting, organised by NBER, AJRC and others, in held in Tokyo on 15-16 September.

Timo is also currently a visiting scholar at the Humboldt University in Berlin, Germany, attached to the so-called Collaborative Research Center on Economic Risk (

Suiwah Leung presented her paper, ‘Integration and Transition – Vietnam, Cambodia, and Lao PDR’, at the keynote session of an IMF conference in Cambodia on 26 June. The conference entitled ‘Accelerating Development in the Mekong Region – the Role of Economic Integration’ was organised jointly by the International Monetary Fund, the ASEAN Secretariat, and the Royal Government of Cambodia. Rapid development in the greater Mekong sub-region, comprising almost 300 million people, and is seen to be an important step towards economic integration of the Asian region.

The significance of the issues discussed was underscored by the opening remarks of the Prime Minister of Cambodia, Mr Hun Sen, and by the active participation on the part of the Cambodian Minister of Economy and Finance, the Deputy Governor of the National Bank of Cambodia, senior officials from the Bank of Lao PDR, from the Vietnamese Prime Minister’s Research Group and the Central Institute for Economic Management, as well as the Secretary-General of ASEAN, senior officials from the IMF and the ADB, and scholars from Australia and the Asian region. The failure of the Mekong economies so far to participate in the production network and trade within the region was identified and extensively discussed. The need for these economies to build their domestic institutions and to move out of the transitional status was accepted as an important condition for their economic integration into the Asian region and the world economy. At the same time, participation in the WTO and in regional and bilateral agreements was seen to put pressure on domestic governments to hasten their reform processes.

Draft papers from the conference are being published on the IMF website, and a fully edited volume, encompassing quite a deal of the discussion, is envisaged to come out later in the year.

John McCarthy gave a paper at the 11th biennial conference of the International Association for the Study of Common Property (IASCP), ‘Survival of the Commons: Mounting Challenges and New Realities’ in Bali on 19-23 June.

He was a participant and discussant at the FAO-World Fish National Consultative Workshop on ‘Fisheries Rehabilitation in tsunami-affected Indonesia: Community Needs Assessment and Resource Status’ on 26-27 June 2006. John gave a paper at the Commission on Folk Law and Legal Pluralism 15 th International Congress in Depok, West Java, Indonesia, 29 June-2 July 2006, with the theme ‘Law, Power and Culture: Transnational, National and Local Processes in the Context of Legal Pluralism’.

Ligang Song presented two papers to joint Inter-American Development Bank-WTO Seminar on Regional Rules in the Global Trading System, 26-27 July, Washington DC: 'Measuring the Economic Effects of the Services Provisions of Preferential Trade Agreements' and 'Measuring the Economic Effects of the Investment Provisions of Preferential Trade Agreements’.

He gave a speech on ‘managing capital flows: the Chinese experience' at the 2006 APEC Future Economic Leaders Think Tank: Securing International Capital Flows on 28-29 June in Sydney, which was organised by Lowy Institute for International Policy; made a presentation on 'rapid industrialisation and market for energy and minerals: China in East Asian context' at the ACESA 2006 conference on Emerging China: Internal Challenges and Global Implications at Victoria University on 13-14 July 2006; delivered a speech on 'regional development in China' at the Growing Regions Conference organised by Department of Transport and Regional Services in Brisbane on 25-27 July 2006; and made the presentation on 'Chinese resource demand at the turning point' at China Update 2006 in Canberra on 29 August 2006.

Sizhong Sun presented a paper on ‘ Intra-industry Technology Spillovers of FDI and Its Determinants: Evidence from China’ at the ACESA2006 conference in Melbourne on 14-15 July. He presented a paper on ‘ FDI and Trade in a Dynamic Technology-Based Growth Model’ at the 7th APRU Doctoral Student Conference held at the National University of Singapore on 17-22 July.

Glenn Withers delivered of a keynote address on ‘Learning and Development:  Investing in Knowledge’ for the Australian Human Resources Institute conference in Melbourne on September 4. He was also involved in the launching on September 5, and provided the first three sets of lectures in the ANU course on ‘Public Finance’ for the Australian Treasury. ANU was selected in a competitive tender over four other universities and two private companies for provision of this 13 week course focussed on Taxation Policy. Crawford School co-ordinated the tender and has co-operated with the Faculty of Economics and Commerce for design and delivery.

Glenn also delivered a lecture series on ‘The Economical Welfare State’ at

the University of Potsdam (Berlin) 10-13 July. He will be a panellist with Amanda Vanstone, Chris Caton and Sharon Burrow on ‘Migration and Skills’, at the Australian Financial Review ‘Skilling Australia’ Conference in Sydney scheduled for September 18.

In August he joined a joint ABS/Academy of Social Sciences Australia committee establishing a research publication series for the 2006 Census. He also joined a Joint Academies committee over August/September planning a Research Symposium on ‘The Status and Significance of Reserche Bay’ in Tasmania, to be held in Hobart in February 2007.

Glenn participated in an ANZSOG Workshop on ‘Media and Government’ in

Melbourne, 21-22 August and provided a series of talks during August and September in Crawford School Executive Programs for delegations from the Beijing Finance Bureau, Indonesian State Secretariat, PRC Ministry of Finance, Indonesian Ministry of Finance and Vietnamese Communist Party Central Committee.

PhD News

Le Hong-Giang and Pham Van Ha have been admitted to the degree.

Sheng Yu’s thesis has been passed, with minor amendments.

Francis Hutchison , Quang Ha Nguyen and Muhamed Saleem have all recently submitted.

Publications (Students, Staff and Associates)

Fred Argy has produced several opinion pieces for internet journals (economic and social) between March and September.

Jeff Bennett with John Rolfe eds, Choice Modelling and the Transfer of Environmental Values, Edward Elgar, Cheltenham.

Satish Chand had two articles published in the Fiji Times over the last month.  Both articles are on the School’s website.

Chunlai Chen ‘Changing patterns in China’s agricultural trade after WTO accession’, in Ross Garnaut and Ligang Song (eds), The Turning Point in China’s Economic Development , Asia Pacific Press.

Andy Choi with Franco Papandrea and Jeff Bennett, ‘Valuing Australian cultural institutions: Developing a cultural worldview scale’, EMD Occasional Papers, OP#10

Quentin Grafton ‘Social capital and fisheries subsidy reform’ in Financial Support to Fisheries: Implications for Sustainable Development OECD, Paris, pp. 261-281, 2006.

with Fox, K.J,T. Kompas and N. Che, ‘Capacity reduction, quota trading and productivity: The case of a fishery’, Australian Journal of Agricultural & Resource Economics 50(2): 189-206.

with J. Kirkley, T. Kompas and D. Squires, Economics for Fisheries Management (Ashgate, 2006), 162 pp.

with Parris, H. ‘Tuna-led sustainable development in the Pacific’, Journal of Environment and Development 15(3): 269-296.

Tom Kompas with Che, T. N. and Vousden, N., 'Market reform, incentives and economic development in Vietnamese rice production', Comparative Economic Studies, 48, 277-301.

with Fox, K.J., R.Q. Grafton and N. Che, 'Capacity reduction, quota trading and productivity: The case of a fishery', Australian Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics, 50, 189-206.

Peter Larmour ‘Fighting corruption in a knowledge-based manner: What role for research?’ Policy and Governance Discussion Papers , 06-07

John McCarthy

Co-editor and chapter author of:

Decentralization of Forest Administration in Indonesia.  Implications for Forest Sustainability, Economic Development and Community Livelihoods . edited by Christopher Barr, Ida Aju Pradnja Resosudarmo, Ahmad Dermawan and John McCarthy with Moria Moeliono and Bambang Setiono. 2006 Centre for International Forestry Research.

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Lynette Ong
'Multiple principals and collective action: China's rural credit cooperatives and poor households' access to credit’, Journal of East Asian Studies 6 (2).

‘The political economy of Township government debt, township enterprises and rural financial institutions in China’, The China Quarterly 186.

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Ligang Song with Ross Garnaut (eds), The Turning Point in China’s Economic Development, Asia Pacific Press.

with Ross Garnaut, ’China’s resources demand at the turning point’, in

Ross Garnaut and Ligang Song (eds), The Turning Point in China’s Economic Development, Asia Pacific Press.

with Ross Garnaut and Yang Yao, 'Impact and significance of SOE restructuring in China', The China Journal, No. 55, pp. 35-66, 2006.

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Luca Tacconi with Yulia Siagian, Ronny Syam, ‘On the theory of decentralization, forests and livelihoods’, EMD Occasional Papers, OP#09.

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