Crawford School working papers

David Ingles, March 2016, Does Australia need an annual wealth tax? (And why do we now apply one only to pensioners) paper no. TTPI - Working Paper 3/2016.

Peter Drysdale, Shiro Armstrong, Neil Thomas, March 2016, Suggestions to Improve Australia’s Foreign Investment Review Framework: Submission to the Inquiry by the Senate Economics References Committee paper no. EABER Working Paper 118 .

Supriyo De, Ergys Islamaj, M. Ayhan Kose, S. Reza Yousefi, March 2016, Remittance over the business cycle: theory and evidence paper no. CAMA Working Paper 13/2016.

Jane Golley , Rod Tyers, Yixiao Zhou, March 2016, Contractions in Chinese fertility and savings: long run domestic and global implications paper no. CAMA Working Paper 12/2016.

Kohei Kawamura, Yohei Kobashi, Masato Shizume, Kozo Ueda, March 2016, Strategic central bank communication: discourse and game-theoretic analyses of the Bank of Japan's Monthly Report paper no. CAMA Working Paper 11/2016.

W Max Corden, Sisira Jayasuriya, March 2016, The Japanese macroeconomic mystery paper no. ACDE Working Paper No. 2016/03.

George Kudrna, Chung Tran, February 2016, Budget repair measures: tough choices for Australia’s future paper no. TTPI - Working Paper 2/2016.

Joel Emery, February 2016, Decoding the regulatory enigma: how Australian regulators should respond to the tax challenges presented by bitcoin paper no. TTPI - Working Paper 1/2016.

Stern, D, van Dijk, J, February 2016, Economic growth and global particulate pollution concentrations paper no. CCEP 1604.

Stern, D, Zha, D, February 2016, Economic growth and particulate pollution concentrations in China paper no. CCEP 1603.

Robert Kollmann, Beatrice Pataracchia, Rafal Raciborski, Marco Ratto, Werner Roeger, Lukas Vogel, February 2016, The post-crisis slump in the Euro area and the US: evidence from an estimated three-region DSGE model paper no. CAMA Working Paper 10/2016.

Kazuhiko Ohashi, Tatsuyoshi Okimoto, February 2016, Increasing trends in the excess comovement of commodity prices paper no. CAMA Working Paper 09/2016.

Markus Brueckner, Paitoon Kraipornsak, February 2016, Determinants of economic growth in South East Asia: an analysis for the first decade of the third millennium paper no. CAMA Working Paper 08/2016.

Stefano Eusepi, Bruce Preston, February 2016, The science of monetary policy: an imperfect knowledge perspective paper no. CAMA Working Paper 07/2016.

Mathias Hoffmann, Iryna Stewen, February 2016, Holes in the Dike: the global savings glut, U.S. house prices and the long shadow of banking deregulation paper no. CAMA Working Paper 06/2016.

Santanu Gupta, Raghbendra Jha, February 2016, Democracy and redistribution paper no. ACDE Working Paper No. 2016/02.

Mike Callaghan , Paul Hubbard , January 2016, The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank: Multilateralism on the Silk Road paper no. EABER working paper series paper No. 116.

Ma, C, Stern, D, January 2016, Long-run estimates of interfuel and interfactor elasticities paper no. CCEP 1602.

Jin, W, Zhang, Z, January 2016, China's pursuit of environmentally sustainable development: Harnessing the new engine of technological innovation paper no. CCEP 1601.

Wensheng Kang, Ronald A. Ratti, Joaquin L. Vespignani, January 2016, The implications of liquidity expansion in China for the US dollar paper no. CAMA Working Paper 05/2016.


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