Crawford School working papers

McCarthy, J, September 2012, Certifying in Contested Spaces: Private Regulation in Indonesian Forestry and Palm Oil paper no. 1210.

Gregory, J, Stern, D, September 2012, Fuel Choices in Rural Maharashtra paper no. CCEP 1207.

Pierre L. Siklos , September 2012, Sources of disagreement in inflation forecasts: An international empirical investigation paper no. CAMA Working Paper 42/2012.

Hal Hill, Jayant Menon, September 2012, Financial safety nets in Asia: genesis, evolution, adequacy, and way forward paper no. ACDE Working Paper No. 2012/17.

Prema-chandra Athukorala, Sisira Jayasuriya, September 2012, Economic policy shifts in Sri Lanka: The post-conflict development challenge paper no. ACDE Working Paper No. 2012/15.

Prema-chandra Athukorala, September 2012, Sri Lanka's trade policy: reverting to dirigisme? paper no. ACDE Working Paper No. 2012/14.

Lokuge, K , Salee, K , Konstantinos, A , August 2012, Tuberculosis Control in the Torres Strait Region: What's Needed and Why? Report Following a Public Forum paper no. DP 22.

Richard Dennis, August 2012, Imperfect credibility and robust monetary policy paper no. CAMA Working Paper 41/2012.

Michal Franta , Jan Libich, Petr Stehlík, August 2012, Tracking monetary-fiscal interactions across time and space paper no. CAMA Working Paper 40/2012.

Faruk Balli , Syed Abul Basherz , Rosmy Jean Louis , August 2012, Risk sharing in the Middle East and North Africa: The role of remittances and factor incomes paper no. CAMA Working Paper 39/2012.

Ladislav Kristoufek , Karel Janda , David Zilberman, August 2012, Mutual responsiveness of biofuels, fuels and food prices paper no. CAMA Working Paper 38/2012.

Paul De Grauwe , Yuemei Ji , August 2012, Self-fulfilling crises in the Eurozone. An empirical test paper no. CAMA Working Paper 37/2012.

Arusha Cooray , Antonio Paradiso , August 2012, The level and growth effects in empirical growth models for the Nordic countries: A knowledge economy approach paper no. CAMA Working Paper 36/2012.

Jotzo, F, July 2012, The CCEP Australia Carbon Pricing Survey 2012: Policy Uncertainty Reigns but Carbon Price Likely to Stay paper no. CCEP 1206.

Eyers, J , July 2012, Aid to Fragile and Conflict-Affected Countries: A Review of the Literature and Australia’s Approach paper no. DP 21.

Mottaleb Khondoker, Kaliappa Kalirajan, July 2012, Determinants of Labor-intensive exports by the Developing Countries: A Cross Country Analysis paper no. EABER working paper series paper no 74.

Leo Krippner , July 2012, Measuring the stance of monetary policy in zero lower bound environments paper no. CAMA Working Paper 35/2012.

Francesco Furlanetto, Nicolas Groshenny , July 2012, Matching efficiency and business cycle fluctuations paper no. CAMA Working Paper 34/2012.

Erik Snowberg , Justin Wolfers , Eric Zitzewitz, July 2012, Prediction markets for economic forecasting paper no. CAMA Working Paper 33/2012.

Shuhei Nishitateno, July 2012, Global production sharing and the FDI–Trade Nexus: New evidence from the Japanese automabile industry paper no. ACDE Working Paper No. 2012/13.


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