Design of climate change mitigation policy

Frank Jotzo

Dr Frank Jotzo, ANU
Senior Lecturer, Crawford School, Resource Management in Asia-Pacific Program
Director, Centre for Climate Economics & Policy
Deputy Director, ANU Climate Change Institute

Climate change mitigation policy needs to be well designed in order to be cost effective, and societally acceptable. The development of a comprehensive climate change policy regime in Australia, including through carbon pricing, throws up complex issues of incentives, distribution and the political economy of climate change mitigation. These need to be taken into account in economic mechanism design. 

At the same time, there are important international dimensions to the design of climate change mitigation policy. They include cross-border linkages of Australian climate policy instruments, direct support of mitigation policies in other countries and in particular neighbouring developing countries, and the development of domestic policies in those countries.

Research under this project addresses various issues related to these themes, as they arise in the policy debate.


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Opinion pieces and similar

  • Howes, S. and Jotzo, F. ‘More expensive, less effective’, Oped on Frontier Economics Emissions Trading model and modeling, Sydney Morning Herald, August 2009.
  • Jotzo, F. ‘Emissions confusion: trading vs taxes’, East Asia Forum blog, (attracted comments from several key players in the debate, and has been widely read and referred to)


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Senate Hearing

  • F. Jotzo, Hearing at the Senate Economics Committee, Inquiry into the exposure drafts of the legislation to implement the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme, 19 March 2009.


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