Accommodation and living costs


Students have a number of accommodation options, including graduate residences on campus, off-campus ANU rental properties and private rental properties. The University’s on-campus residences and rental properties are in high demand, and accommodation cannot be guaranteed. Students are therefore advised to investigate private accommodation as well.

Do not arrive in Canberra without confirmed accommodation.

University Accommodation (UA) provides a variety of services to the ANU community to help students find accommodation. UA can provide information about renting, off-campus housing, shared accommodation, on-campus residential accommodation and financial assistance.

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IMPORTANT: If you have applied for admission to ANU, you should apply immediately for accommodation. Do not wait until you have received an offer of admission from the University. Your registration for accommodation is independent of your application for admission. Keep checking the UA website for important dates and news. The online application form allows you to list one preference only for accommodation. There is no application fee for online applications and no penalty if you decide to live elsewhere. One application covers all types of residences.

Students with Families

ANU student residences are not suitable for children and no facilities for children are provided. Living off-campus is the only option for families with children, and allows them to be closer to schools and other family-oriented services. We suggest that you arrive in Canberra alone in order to source accommodation before the rest of your family arrives. This is because it may take several weeks for you to locate suitable accommodation, and it is easier to find inexpensive temporary accommodation for one person than it is to accommodate a family.

See information about off-campus accommodation.

For information about private accommodation in Canberra, visit:

IMPORTANT: Before renting privately, you must read through the information on the University Accommodation website carefully. It is important to know your rights and obligations before entering into any contract. You should not pay any money for accommodation until you have:

  • Viewed the accommodation yourself
  • Signed an ‘Inventory Condition Report’
  • Signed a legal contract for the duration of a specified lease

Beware of scams: Protect yourself from online rental scams. Do not send any money for online promises of shared accommodation until you have arrived in Canberra and viewed the accommodation yourself. If you are unsure about your accommodation, please seek advice from UA or from the staff at Crawford School.

Cost of Living

The Department of Home Affairs requires students to have access to a minimum level of funds while in Australia. The department’s current requirements are as follows;

From 1 February 2018, the 12 month living cost is:

  • student or guardian – AUD20,290
  • partner or spouse – AUD7,100
  • child – AUD3,040.

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While it is not possible to provide precise figures on living expenses in Australia, the following guide should give you a rough idea of how much you will need. These figures do not include tuition fees or the cost of clothing, medicine and the like.

Average weekly living expenses in Canberra

Accommodation (per week) $155 (sharing) - $245 (self-catered College)
Food/Groceries $90 - $125
Travel $33
Phone and internet/other bills $25 - $50
Electricity & gas $40
Stationery & postage $10
Average Expenditure $390 per week

Please note that the costs indicated above are not fixed and may vary based on student’s lifestyle and accommodation arrangement.

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