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Three decades of distinction

Crawford’s Bruce Chapman recognised with top economics award.

Bubble trouble?

What 17th century tulips teach us about asset bubbles.

The economics of hydropower: integrating downstream externalities and multiple water uses into dam operator decision-making

In this thesis proposal review, Paul Wyrwoll will present research that applies economic theory and modelling to the problem of maximising social benefits from hydropower dams and reservoirs. Dams disrupt natural river flow regimes and can impose large negative costs on downstream ecosystems and economic sectors, including fisheries, agriculture and industry. Water stored in reservoirs can be directed towards beneficial uses aside from energy, such as irrigation and water supply.

Grappling with employment problems in Aceh

The presentation focuses job creation in Aceh in the post-recovery period. It identifies two major challenges: high rates of unemployment (especially among females and youth) and low levels of labor productivity, particularly in agriculture and services. High unemployment has been a consequence of a shortfall in the demand for labor from business and government, unrealistic expectations and a disparity between the skills and the mix of jobs on offer.

Indonesia Update conference 2014 - The Yudhoyono years: an assessment

In 2014, the Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono presidency draws to a close after 10 years, marking a watershed in Indonesian history. Yudhoyono was not only the first directly elected Indonesian president, he was also the first to be democratically re-elected. The 2014 Indonesia Update will evaluate the achievements and failings of the Yudhoyono presidency, the role of Yudhoyono the man, and the evolution of the major political forces and institutions he presided over. What is the legacy that President Yudhoyono leaves behind?

Both sides of the lecture theatre

Giang Nguyen swaps giving lectures for learning.

Is Japan's economy at risk?

The three arrows of Abenomics are targeting Japan's financial stagnation, writes Peter Drysdale.

Doha: the cost of climate loss and damage

Exactly what has Australia signed up to at the Doha climate talks, and what will it really cost? Write FRANK JOTZO and JONATHAN PICKERING.

Welfare policies shouldn't hit home

Including homes in welfare assessments is not what the public, or politicians, should want to see, writes PETER WHITEFORD.

Future proofing

Dr Ken Henry is one of the country’s best-known public servants and a renowned economist. In his new role as Executive Chair of the ANU Institute of Public Policy at the Crawford School, he hopes to bring fresh thinking to the nation’s biggest challenges and opportunities, writes JAMES GIGGACHER.

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