Economic Statecraft: Playing the Long Game

Crawford School of Public Policy

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PhD Seminar

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Thursday 17 November 2022


ANU Online Zoom Meeting


Helen Mitchell


Dr Michael Di Francesco

The study of statecraft, as conceived by Baldwin (2020), is the study of the instruments used by policymakers in their attempts to exercise power (to get others to do what they would not otherwise do). Since the early 20th century, states have gradually moved toward using economic statecraft instruments, like aid and sanctions, and away from military instruments like conflict. There is thus a greater need to understand what economic statecraft is and the extent and limits of its impacts. This research will begin by contributing a modern framework of economic statecraft instruments. Using this framework, we will respond to an imbalance in the international political economics literature: ‘carrots’ (instruments that create or expand economic flows between states) receive less attention than ‘sticks’ (instruments that destroy or reduce economic flows). First, we consider the theoretical case for the power of carrots - which may work in subtle, but enduring, strategic and economic ways. Second, we help answer a high stakes question: can carrots get other states to do what they would not otherwise do? And what types of carrots work best under which conditions? Using Taiwan’s diplomatic recognition – a complex and high-stakes geopolitical contest between China and Taiwan – as a case study, these questions will be investigated using statistical analysis of an original panel data set of economic and political variables for all countries (1950-2021). The research will make conceptual and data contributions to the literature and suggest further avenues for theoretical research and implications for economic statecraft policymaking.

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Helen Mitchell is a Sir Roland Wilson PhD scholar at the Crawford School of Public Policy. Her interdisciplinary research explores strategies to respond to a new global order – one in which Australia faces sharper trade-offs between sovereignty, security and economic prosperity. Helen is an economist and former diplomat. Most recently, she was one of a cadre of experts providing strategic advice to the Prime Minister and rest of government. Helen has also worked on China economic issues at Treasury. Before that, she served Australia in New York, South Africa and Mexico with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. She is trained in analytical tradecraft and speaks Spanish, Portuguese and Japanese.

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