Choice Modelling Research Reports

The “Using Choice Modelling to Estimate Non-Market Values” project was instigated in 1996 with funding from the Land and Water Resources Research and Development Corporation, Environment Australia, Queensland Department of Primary Industries, Queensland Department of Natural Resources, New South Wales National Parks and Wildlife Service and the New South Wales Environment Protection Authority. The project has aimed to establish Choice Modelling as a means of estimating monetary values for environmental benefits and costs. The focus has been on testing the technique in the context of two case studies … wetland restoration in NSW and remnant vegetation protection in Queensland. The project involved the collaboration of researchers from the Australian National University, the University of New South Wales, Central Queensland University and Sydney University with resource managers from the funding agencies.

Because these reports present the results of work in progress, they should not be reproduced in part or in whole without the authorisation of the Research Project Leader, Professor Jeff Bennett.

Available Reports

Report 1 [PDF, ] : A comparison of stated preference techniques for estimating environmental variables
M.D. Morrison, R.K. Blamey, J.W.Bennett, J.J. Louviere
Report 2 [PDF, ] : Water use trade-offs in the Macquarie and Gwydir valleys
M.D. Morrison, J.W. Bennett
Report 3 [PDF, ] : Remnant vegetation and broadscale tree clearing in the desert uplands region of Queensland J.C. Rolfe, R.K. Blamey and J.W. Bennett
Report 4 [PDF, ] : Environmental Choice Modelling: issues and qualitative insights
R.K. Blamey, J.C. Rolfe, J.W. Bennett and M.D. Morrison
Report 5 [PDF, ] : Designing Choice Modelling surveys using focus groups: results from the Macquarie marshes and Gwydir wetlands case studies
M.D. Morrison, J.W. Bennett and R.K. Blamey
Report 6 [PDF, ] : Valuing improved wetland quality using choice modelling
M.D. Morrison, J.W. Bennett, and R.K. Blamey
Report 7 [PDF, ] : Attribute Selection in Environmental Choice Modelling Studies: the effect of causally prior attributes
R.K. Blamey, J.W. Bennett, M.D. Morrison, J.J. Louviere and J.C. Rolfe
Report 8 [PDF, ] : Choice Modelling and tests of benefit transfer
M.D. Morrison, J.W. Bennett, R.K. Blamey and J.J. Louviere
Report 9 [PDF, ] : The use of policy labels in environmental choice modelling studies
R.K. Blamey, J.W. Bennett, J.J. Louviere, M.D. Morrison and J.C. Rolfe
Report 10 [PDF, ] : Validation of a choice model involving green product choice
R.K. Blamey, J.W. Bennett, J.J. Louviere and M.D. Morrison
Report 11 [PDF, ] : Some fundamentals of environmental choice modelling
J.W. Bennett
Report 12 [PDF, ] : An economic evaluation of broadscale tree clearing in the desert uplands region of Queensland
J.C. Rolfe, J.W. Bennett and R.K. Blamey
Report 13 [PDF, ] : Testing for Framing Effects in Environmental Choice Modelling
J.C. Rolfe and J.W. Bennett

### Available presentations

Wellington Presentation 1 [PDF, ] : New Zealand Choice Modelling Workshop Presentation No.1.
J.W. Bennett
Wellington Presentation 2 [PDF, ] : New Zealand Choice Modelling Workshop Presentation No.2
J.W. Bennett

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