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Determinants of the economic outcomes of Australian permanent migrants

This paper uses administrative tax and visa data to better understand the factors that predict the economic success of Australian permanent migrants. We...

History of tax theory and reform concepts

Tax is a fascinating policy space that brings together a mix of economic, social, legal, accounting and administrative policy issues, heavily overlaid...

State and Territory tax reform

The nature of Australia’s federation, including its Constitution, means the Commonwealth controls the principal revenue-raising instruments, but large...

Australia's future tax system

The year 2001 marked the centenary of the Australian Federation, and the new century promised fresh opportunities as technology developments and an...

2000: A new tax system

In 1995, John Howard, the newly elected leader of the Opposition, reflecting on the Coalition’s loss of the 1993 federal election on the back of the Labor...

1985 reform of the Australian tax system

After the tumult of the Whitlam government, the Fraser government (1975-1983) saw consolidation with less reform. The 1975 Asprey report remained largely...

Post-war tax reviews and the Asprey Blueprint

After World War II, international attention turned to economic reconstruction and the transition back to peace-time. As Australia settled into the 1950s...

Early federation reviews and 1942 income tax unification

In Australia’s first five decades as a Federation, tax reform efforts were driven by the need to establish robust revenue bases for a growing nation and...

India's demonetisation in practice

A sudden move to a less-cash economy can be difficult.

India tackles black money

Will India's bank notes plan work?


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