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Quentin Grafton

Professor; Chairholder UNESCO Chair in Water Economics and Transboundary Water Governance


B.Ag. Econ (Massey), MS (Iowa State University), PhD (University of British Columbia)

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Recent Highlighted Journal Publications

P. Wyrwoll and R.Q. Grafton (2021) Reforming for Resilience: Delivering ‘Multipurpose Hydropower’ under Water and Energy Risks International Journal of Water Resources Development.

M. Colloff, R.Q. Grafton, J. Williams (2021) Scientific integrity, public policy and water governance in the Murray-Darling Basin, Australia. Australasian Journal of Water Resources 2,000+ views, Altmetric 97.

T. Kompas, R.Q. Grafton, L. Chu, J. Camac. (2021) Health and Economic Costs of Early and Delayed Suppression and the Unmitigated Spread of COVID-19: The Case of Australia. PLOS ONE

D.V. Gordon, R.Q. Grafton and S.I. Steinshamn (2021) Cross-country effects and policy responses to COVID-19 in 2020: The Nordic countries. Economic Analysis and Policy 71: 198-210.

W. Nikolakis, R.Q. Grafton (2021). Law versus justice: The Strategic Aboriginal Water Reserve in the Northern Territory, Australia. International Journal of Water Resources Development

S.J. Phipps, R.Q. Grafton and T. Kompas (2020) Robust estimates of the true (population) infection rate for COVID-19: a backcasting approach. Royal Society Open Science 7(11): 200909, 25,000 + downloads, Altmetric 431.

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H.L. Chu. R.Q. Grafton and M. Stewardson. (2018) Resilience, Decision-making and Environmental Water Releases. Earth’s Future

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