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Sharon Bessell

Professor, Policy and Governance; Director of Gender Equity and Diversity


BA (Hons 1st class, Tasmania), PhD (Monash) Senior Fellow, Higher Education Academy

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Book Chapters

Bessell, Sharon (2016), ‘Good Governance, Gender Equality and Political Representation: Ideas as Points of Disjuncture’ Kim Rubenstein and Katherine Young (eds.), En/gendering Governance: From Global to Local (Cambridge University Press).

Bessell, Sharon (2016), ‘Representations of Education: Competing Ideas of Rights, Empowerment and Opportunity’ in Tatek Abebe and Johanna Waters (eds.) Laboring and Learning volume 10, in Skelton, T. (editor-in-chief) Geographies of Children and Young People, Singapore: Springer.


Journal Articles

Bessell, Sharon (2015), ‘The Individual Deprivation Measure: measuring poverty as if gender and inequality matter, Gender and Development, 23:2, 223-240.

Book Chapters

Bessell, Sharon (2015), ‘Inclusive and Respectful Relationships as the Basis for Child Inclusive Policies and Practice: The Experience of Children in Out-of-Home Care in Australia’ in Tali Gal and Benedetta Duramy (eds.), International Perspectives and Empirical Findings on Child Participation, Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Bessell, Sharon (2015), ‘Perceptions of Risk and Safety in Public Spaces: Towards a child standpoint?’ in Claire Freeman and Paul Tranter (eds.) Risk, Protection, Provision and Policy volume 12, in Skelton, T. (editor-in-chief) Geographies of Children and Young People, Singapore: Springer.

Bessell, Sharon ‘Rights-based Research with Children: Principles and Practice’ (2015) in Ruth Evans and Louise Holt (eds.) Methodological Approaches and Methods in Practice, volume 2, in Skelton, T. (editor-in-chief) Geographies of Children and Young People, Singapore: Springer.

Bessell, Sharon (2015), ‘Children: Research’, in Henk van Ten (ed.) Encyclopedia of Global Bioethics, New York: Springer.


Journal Articles

Abebe, Tatek and Sharon Bessell (2014), ‘Advancing Ethical Research with Children: Critical Reflections on Ethical Guidelines’, Children’s Geographies, 12(1), 126-133

Beazley, Harriot, Sharon Bessell and Roxana Waterson (2014), ‘Sustaining the Energy: A celebration of the life of Judith Ennew’, Children’s Geographies, 12(1), 118-125

Crawford, Joanne, Sharon Bessell and Janet Hunt (2014), ‘The future of poverty measurement: Introducing the Individual Deprivation Measure’, Development Bulletin, No. 76, August, pp. 16-21.

Book Chapters

Bessell, Sharon (2014), ‘Betrayal and Broken Ties: British Child Migrants to Australia, Citizenship and Identity’ in Jenkins, Fiona, Rubenstein, Kim and Nolan, Mark (eds) Allegiance and Identity in a Globalised World (Cambridge University Press.


Journal Articles

Bessell, Sharon (2013), Child-Centred Research Workshops: A model for participatory, rights-based engagement with children, Developing Practice, 37, pp. 11-20


Journal Articles

Abebe, Tatek and Sharon Bessell (2011), ‘Dominant Discourses, Debates and Silences on Child Labour in Africa and Asia’, Third World Quarterly, Volume 32 (4), May 2011, pp. 765-786

Bessell, Sharon (2011), ‘Participation in Decision-making in Out-of-Home Care in Australia: What Do Young People Say?, Children and Youth Services Review, Volume 33 (4), April, pp. 496-501

Bessell, Sharon (2011), ‘Influencing International Child Labour Policy: The Potential and Limits of Children-Centred Research’, Children and Youth Services Review, Volume 33 (4), April, pp. 564-568

Book Chapters

Beazley, H., Bessell, S., Ennew, J. & Waterson, R. (2011) ‘How are the human rights of children related to research methodology?’ Chapter 8 in Williams, J. & Invernizzi, A. Children’s Rights: revisiting visions, assessing progress, rethinking implementation (Ashgate, Oxford), pp. 159-178. ISBN 978-4094-0531-3


Book Chapters

Bessell, Sharon (2010), ‘Do Rights Make a Difference? The Evolution of Policy for Children in Out-of-Home Care in Australia’ in Ann Nevile (ed.), Human Rights and Social Policy, Edward Elgar.

Bessell, Sharon (2010), ‘Affirmative Action in Parties and Elections: How Effective is it?’ in Edward Aspinall and Marcus Mietzner (eds.), Democracy in Practice: Campaigns, Parties and Parliaments, ISEAS, Singapore.

Bessell, Sharon (2010), ‘Methodologies for Gender-sensitive and Pro-poor Poverty Measures’ in Sylvia Chant (ed.) International Handbook on Gender and Poverty, Edward Elgar.


Journal Articles

Bessell, Sharon (2009), ‘Strengthening Fiji’s Education System: A view from key stakeholders’, Pacific Economic Bulletin, 24(2).

Bessell, Sharon (2009), ‘Indonesian Children’s Views and Experiences of Work and Poverty’, Social Policy and Society, 8(4).

Bessell, Sharon and Tali Gal (2009), ‘Forming Partnerships: The Human Rights of Children in Need of Care and Protection’, International Journal of Children’s Rights, 17.

Bessell, Sharon (2009), ‘Children’s Participation in Decision-Making in the Philippines: Understanding the attitudes of policy-makers and service providers’, Childhood, 16(3).

Beazley, Harriot, Sharon Bessell, Judith Ennew and Roxana Waterson (2009), ‘Editorial: the right to be properly researched - research with children in a messy, real world’, Children’s Geographies, 7(4).

Book Chapters

Bessell, Sharon (2009), ‘Research with Children: Thinking about Method and Methodology’ in Involving Children in Research, ARACY and the NSW Commission for Children, Sydney.

Bessell, Sharon (2009), ‘Child Labor in Indonesia’ in Hugh Hindman (ed.), T_he World of Child Labor: An Historical and Regional Survey_, M. E. Sharpe, Armonk NY.

Earlier Publications

Journal Articles

Bessell, Sharon (2006), ‘Ethical Research with Children: The Time for Debate is Now’, Children, Communities Families Australia, 1(1).

Bessell, Sharon (1999), ‘The Politics of Child Labour in Indonesia: Global Trends and Domestic Policy’, Pacific Affairs, 72(3).

Blackburn Susan and Sharon Bessell (1997), ‘Marriageable Age: The Politics of Early Marriage in Twentieth Century Indonesia’, Indonesia, 63, April.

Book Chapters

Bessell, Sharon and Lynette Petueli (2007), ‘Fiji’ in Jyotsna Pattnaik (ed.) The Greenwood Encyclopedia of Children’s Issues Worldwide, Greenwood Publishing Group, Westport.

Bessell, Sharon (2007), ‘Children, Welfare and Protection: A New Policy Framework?’ in Ross McLeod and Andrew MacIntyre (eds.), Democracy and the Promise of Good Governance, ISEAS, Singapore.

Bessell, Sharon (2005), ‘Women in Parliament in Indonesia: Denied a Share of Power’ in Manon Tremblay and Yvonne Gallagher (eds.), Sharing in Power: Women in Parliaments in Transitional and Developing Counties, Aldershot, Ashgate.

Bessell, Sharon (2000), ‘Social Cohesion and Conflict Management: Rethinking the Issues through a Gender Sensitive Lens’ in Nat Colletta (ed.), Social Cohesion and Conflict Management in Asia, World Bank/Asian Development Bank, Washington, 2000.


Beazley, Harriot, Sharon Bessell, Judith Ennew and Roxanna Waterson (2006), What Children Say: Results of Comparative Research on Physical and Emotional Punishment of Children in Southeast Asia and the Pacific, Save the Children Sweden, Bangkok.

Robinson, Kathy and Sharon Bessell (2002), Women, Gender and Development in Indonesia, ISEAS, Singapore.

Thomas, Pamela and Sharon Bessell (1999), Education for Sustainable Development, The Development Studies Network, Canberra.

Non-refereed articles and publications

  • ‘Brutal lessons: A culture of violence makes life tough for kids, Inside Indonesia, Issue 92, April-July 2008
  • Workbook Child Labour: Rights-Based Situation Analysis, Data Collection and Report Writing, Save the Children Sweden, Bangkok 2006 (with Judith Ennew)
  • Comparative Research on the Physical and Emotional Punishment of Children in Southeast Asia and the Pacific 2005: Research Protocol, Save the Children Sweden, Bangkok, 2005 (with Harriot Beazley,. Judith Ennew and Roxanna Waterson)
  • “Trafficking in Children: Rethinking the Issues through a Human Rights Lens”, Development Bulletin, Volume 66, 2004.
  • “Adolescents and family planning: Issues and debates”,* Development Bulletin*, Number 47, Summer 1999.
  • “Working Children and the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child: Ten Years On”, Child Workers in Asia, Volume 15, Number 3, September–December 1999.
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  • “Children At Work”, Inside Indonesia, Number 46, March 1996.
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  • The Political Dynamics of Child Labour in Indonesia, Centre of Southeast Asian Studies, Clayton, 1995.

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