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Ward, M., Dent, J., Projected impacts of salinity on dryland property values in South West Australia, EERH Research Report No.90, (2010)
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Boerema, N., MacGill, I., The economics of transmission constraints on wind farms: some evidence from South Australia, EERH Research Report No.89, (2010)
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Boerema, N., Kay, M., and MacGill, I., Renewable energy integration into the Australian National Electricity Market: Characterising the energy value of wind and solar generation, EERH Research Report No.88, (2010)
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Restiani, P., Betz, R., The Effects of Penalty Design on Market Performance: Experimental Evidence from an Emissions Trading Scheme with Auctioned Permits, EERH Research Report No.87, (2010)
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Restiani, P., Betz, R., A Theoretical Model of Optimal Compliance Decisions under Different Penalty Designs in Emissions Trading Markets, EERH Research Report No.86, (2010)
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Throsby, D., Deodhar, V., Hanna, B., Jewell, B., O'Connor, Z., and Zednik, A., Measuring the Economic and Cultural Values of Historic Heritage Places, EERH Research Report No.85, (2010)
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Windle, J., Rolfe, J., Assessing community values for reducing agricultural emissions to improve water quality and protect coral health in the Great Barrier Reef, EERH Research Report No.84, (2010)
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Gillespie, R., and Bennett, J., Non Use Economic Values of Marine Protected Areas in the South-West Marine Region, EERH Research Report No.83, (revised March 2011)
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de Chazal, J., Examining resilience and vulnerability as concepts conditional upon human values: a review, EERH Research Report No.82 (2010)
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Greyling, T., and Bennett, J., Revegetation of Regent Honeyeater habitat in the Capertee Valley: a Cost-Benefit Analysis, EERH Research Report No.81, (2010)
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Rogers, A., and Cleland, J., Comparing Scientist and Public Preferences for Conserving Environmental Systems: A Case of the Kimberley's Tropical Waterways and Wetlands, EERH Research Report No.80, (2010)
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Cleland, J., and Rogers, A., Putting the Spotlight on Attribute Definition: a Knowledge Base Approach, EERH Research Report No.79, (2010)
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Jotzo, F., Comparing the Copenhagen emissions targets, EERH Research Report No.78, (2010)
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Cleland, J., McCartney, A., Putting the Spotlight on Attribute Definition: Divergence Between Experts and the Public, EERH Research Report No.77, (2010)
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McCartney, A., Cleland, J., Choice Experiment Framing and Incentive Compatibility: observations from public focus groups, EERH Research Report No.76, (2010)
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Dobes, L., Notes on Applying Real Options to Climate Change Adaptation Measures, with examples from Vietnam, EERH Research Report No.75, (2010)
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Aisbett, E., and Kragt, M., Valuing Ecosystem Services to Agricultural Production to Inform Policy Design: An Introduction, EERH Research Report No.73, (2010)
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Rolfe, J., and Windle, J., Assessing national values to protect the health of the Great Barrier Reef, EERH Research Report No.72, (2010)
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Kompas, T., and Chu, L., A Comparison of Parametric Approximation Techniques to Continuous-Time Stochastic Dynamic Programming Problems, EERH Research Report No.71, (2010)
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Kompas, T., and Chu, L., A Rule of Thumb for Controlling Invasive Weeds: An Application to Hawkweed in Australia, EERH Research Report No.70, (2010)
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Rolfe, J., and Windle, J., Testing for geographic scope and scale effects with choice modelling: Application to the Great Barrier Reef, EERH Research Report No.69, (2010)
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Pezzey, J.C.V., Jotzo, F., Tax-Versus-Trading and Free Emission Shares as Issues for Climate Policy Design, EERH Research Report No.68, (2010)
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Ivanova, G., Rolfe, J., and Tucker, G., Using Choice Modelling to assess the willingness to pay of Queensland households to reduce greenhouse emissions, EERH Research Report No.67, (2010)
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Rolfe, J., and Windle, J., Valuing environmental improvements in the Great Barrier Reef: Ecological and preference heterogeneity in local area case studies, EERH Research Report No.66, (2010)
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Rolfe, J., and Windle, J., Do values for protecting iconic assets vary across populations? A Great Barrier Reef case study, EERH Research Report No.65, (2010)
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de Chazal, J., A systems approach to liveability and sustainability: Defining terms and mapping relationships to link desires with ecological opportunities and constraints, EERH Research Report No.64, (2010)
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Stern, D.I., Lambie, N.R., Where is it Cheapest to Cut Carbon Emissions?, EERH Research Report No.63, (2010)
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Wood, P.J., Climate Change and Game Theory, EERH Research Report No.62, (2010)
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Burton, M., Inducing Strategic Bias: and its implications for Choice Modelling design, EERH Research Report No.61, (2010)
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McCartney, A., Cleland, J., and Burton, M.,The Value of Tropical Waterways and Wetlands: does an increase in knowledge change community preferences, EERH Research Report No.60, (2010)
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Calford, M.E., Heinzel, C., and Betz, R., Initial Allocation Effects in Permit Markets with Bertrand Output Oligopoly, EERH Research Report No.59, (2010)
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Heinzel, C., and Winkler, T., Tradable Green Certificates as a Policy Instrument? A Discussion on the Case of Poland, EERH Research Report No.58, (2010)
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Rolfe, J., and Windle, J.,Valuing protection of the Great Barrier Reef with choice modelling by management policy options, EERH Research Report No.57, (2010)
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Windle, J., and Rolfe, J., Restricted versus unrestricted choice in labelled choice experiments: exploring the tradeoffs of expanding choice dimensions, EERH Research Report No.56, (2010)
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Jotzo, F., Prerequisites and limits for economic modelling of climate change impacts and adaptation, EERH Research Report No.55, (2010)), published as "Market- and Policy-Driven Adaptation, Alternate Perspective" in Bjoern Lomborg (ed), Smart Solutions to Climate Change, Cambridge University Press.
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Stern D. I., Modeling International Trends in Energy Efficiency and Carbon Emissions, EERH Research Report No.54, (2010)
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Kragt, M.E., An Integrated Assessment approach to linking biophysical modelling and economic valuation tools, EERH Research Report No.53, (2010)
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Scheufele, G., and Bennett, J., Effects of alternative elicitation formats in discrete choice experiments, EERH Research Report No.52, (2010)
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Stern D. I., Jotzo, F., How Ambitious are China and India's Emissions Intensity Targets, EERH Research Report No.51, (2010)
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Ward, M., Kompas, T., The value of information in biosecurity risk-benefit assessment: an application to red imported fire ants, EERH Research Report No.50, (2010)
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Mazur, K., Bennett, J., The Effects of a Provision Rule in Choice Modelling, EERH Research Report No.49, (2010)
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Twomey, P., Betz, R., MacGill, I and Passey, R.,. Additional Action Reserve: A proposed mechanism to facilitate additional voluntary and policy emission reductions efforts in emissions trading schemes, EERH Research Report No.48, (2010)
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