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Grafton, Q., Landry, C., Libecap, G and O’Brien, B., Water Markets and Scarcity: Australia’s Murray Darling Basin and the US Southwest, EERH Research Report No.47, (2009)
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Akter, S., Bennett J., Testing construct validity of verbal versus numerical measures of preference uncertainty in contingent valuation, EERH Research Report No.46, (2010)
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Windle, J., Rolfe, J., Comparing responses from web and paper-based collection modes in a choice modelling experiment, EERH Research Report No.45, (2009)
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Rolfe, J., Windle, J., Valuing the control of red imported fire ants in Australia using choice modelling, EERH Research Report No.44, (2009)
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Rolfe, J., Windle, J., Comparing a best management practice scorecard with an auction metric to select proposals in a water quality tender, EERH Research Report No.43, (2009)
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Mazur, K., Bennett, J., Scale and scope effects on communities’ values for environmental improvements in the Namoi catchment: A choice modelling approach, EERH Research Report No.42, (2009)
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Dobes, L., People versus planners: Social Preferences for Adaptation to Climate Change, EERH Research Report No.41, (2009)
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Gibson, F., Burton, M.,Choice Experiments: identifying preferences or production functions?, EERH Research Report No.40, (2009)
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Smith, K., Saving the World but Saving Too Much? Pure Time Preference and Saving Rates in Integrated Assessment Modelling, EERH Research Report No.39, (2009)
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Cutler, N., MacGill, I., and Outhred, H., The Integration of Wind Generation within the South Australian Region of the Australia National Electricity Market, EERH Research Report No.38, (2009)
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Grafton, Q., Adaptation to Climate Change in Marine Capture Fisheries, EERH Research Report No.37, (2009)
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Wood, P.J., Jotzo, F., Price Floors for Emissions Trading, EERH Research Report No.36, (2009) - Revised May 2010
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Rolfe, J., Windle, J., Costing water quality improvements with auction mechanisms: case studies for the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, EERH Research Report No.35, (2009)
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Stern, D.I., Between Estimates of the Environmental Kuznets Curve, EERH Research Report No.34, (2009)
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Stern, D.I., Interfuel Substitution: A meta analysis, EERH Research Report No.33, (2009)
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Akter, S., Bennett J., Estimating non-market values under scenario and policy ambiguity: the case of climate change mitigation in Australia, EERH Research Report No.32, (2009)
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Evers, R.J., Hundloe, T., Daniels, P., Environmental Economics of Ethanol Production – a brief introduction, EERH Research Report No.31, (2009)
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Buckman, G., Diesendorf, M., The Future of Renewable Electricity in Australia, EERH Research Report No.30, (2009)
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Betz, R., Seifert, S., Cramton, P., and Kerr, S., Auctioning Greenhouse Gas Emissions Permits in Australia, EERH Research Report No.29, (2009)
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Betz, R., Sanderson, T., and Ancev, T., In or Out: Efficient inclusion of installations in an Emissions Trading Scheme?, EERH Research Report No.28, (2009)
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Akter, S., Grafton, Q., Environmental value transfer and species conservation, EERH Research Report No.26, (2009)
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Yamazaki, S., Grafton, Q., and Kompas, T., Non-Market Values and Optimal Marine Reserve Switching, EERH Research Report No.25, (2009)
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Pezzey, J.C.V., Mazouz, S., and Jotzo, F., The logic of collective action and Australia’s Climate Policy, EERH Research Report No.24, (2009)
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Grafton, Q., Kompas, T., To, H., and Ward, M., Residential Water Consumption: A Cross Country Analysis, EERH Research Report No.23, (2009)
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Grafton, Q., Kompas, T., Cod today and none tomorrow: The Economic Value of a Marine Reserve, EERH Research Report No.22, (2009)
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Mazur, K., Bennett, J., Location differences in communities’ preferences for environmental improvements in selected NSW catchments: A Choice Modelling approach, EERH Research Report No.21, (2009)
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Stern, D.I., Modelling the Global Diffusion of Energy Efficiency and Low Carbon Technology, EERH Research Report No.20, (2009)
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Akter, S., and Bennett, J., Household Perceptions of climate change and preferences for mitigation action: The case of the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme in Australia, EERH Research Report No.19, (2009) - Published Online 26 Feb, 2011, in Climatic Change Journal.
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Windle, J., Rolfe, J., and Brouwer, R., Public values for improved water security for domestic and environmental use, EERH Research Report No.18, (2009)
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Kragt, M.E. and Bennett J., What’s appropriate? Investigating the Effects of Attribute Framing and Changing Cost Levels in Choice Experiments, EERH Research Report No.17, (2009)
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Kragt, M.E. and Bennett J., Using Choice Experiments to value River and Estuary Health in Tasmania with Individual Preference Heterogeneity, EERH Research Report No.16, (2009)
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Kragt, M.E. and Bennett J., Integrated Hydro-Economic Modelling: Challenges and Experiences in an Australian Catchment, EERH Research Report No.15, (2009)
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Jotzo, F., and Betz R., Linking the Australian Emissions Trading Scheme, EERH Research Report No.14, (2009)
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Mazur, K., Bennett, J., A Choice Modelling Survey of Community Attitudes to Improvements in Environmental Quality in NSW Catchments, EERH Research Report No.13, (2009)
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Wang, X., Rolfe, J., Incorporating issues of risk and uncertainty into Choice Modelling experiments, EERH Research Report No.12, (2009)
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