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Frank Jotzo

Professor; Director, Centre for Climate Economics and Policy; Research Director, Crawford School.


PhD (ANU), MEcDev (ANU), Dipl-VWL (HU Berlin)

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Articles in academic journals
  • Jotzo, F., Karplus, V., Grubb, M., Löschel, A., Neuhoff, K., Wu, L. and Teng, F. (2018), ‘China’s emissions trading takes steps towards big ambitions’, Nature Climate Change doi:10.1038/s41558-018-0130-0
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  • Fankhauser, S. and Jotzo, F. (2018), Economic growth and development with low-carbon energy, WIREs Climate Change.
  • Wang, B., Jotzo, F. and Qi, S. (2017), ‘Ex-post cap adjustment for China’s ETS: an applicable indexation rule, simulating the Hubei ETS, and implications for a national scheme’, Climate Policy 17(1), 1-16.
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Books and special issues of academic journals
  • Löschel, A. and Jotzo, F. (eds) (2014), ‘Emissions trading in China: Emerging experiences and international lessons’, Special Issue of Energy Policy.
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  • Resosudarmo, B. and Jotzo, F. (eds, 2009), Development and Environment in Eastern Indonesia, Institute of South-East Asian Studies, Singapore. (Second edition 2010, paperback.)
Book chapters
  • Garnaut, R., Howes, S, Jotzo, F. and Sheehan, P. (2015), ‘The Implications of Rapid Development for Emissions and Climate-change: Mitigation’, in Helm, D. and Hepburn, C. (eds), The economics and politics of climate change, Oxford University Press.
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Major reports
  • Denis, A., Jotzo, F., Ferraro, S., Jones, A., Kautto, N., Kelly, R., Skarbek, A. and Thwaites, J. (2014), ‘Pathways to deep decarbonisation in 2050: how Australia can prosper in a low carbon world’, ClimateWorks Australia/ANU/IDDRI (as part of the UN SDSN Deep Decarbonisation Pathways project).
  • Edenhofer, O. et al (2014), ‘Technical Summary’, IPCC 5th Assessment Report Working Group III (lead author)
  • Kolstad, C. et al (2014), ‘Social, Economic and Ethical Concepts and Methods’, IPCC 5th Assessment Report Working Group III (lead author).
  • Garnaut, R. (2008), Garnaut Climate Change Review, Cambridge University Press (extensive contributions to a number of chapters).
Selected other publications
  • Jotzo, F. (2012), ‘Carbon: Doubt in Australia’s emissions scheme’, Nature 487:38 (Correspondence)
  • Jotzo, F. (2011), ‘Australia’s clean energy future’, Environmental Finance, Dec2011/Jan 2012 issue, pp. 14-15.
  • Jotzo, F. (2011), ‘The Copenhagen targets : a basis for global climate action?’, Carbon Management 2(1), p.9-12.

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