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Electricity subsidy reform in Indonesia: Demand-side effects on electricity use

Indonesia’s budget has for years been burdened by large subsidies for electricity consumption. A series of recent reforms has delivered a substantial...

The problem with cheap petrol

Crawford School study looks at fuel prices.

Easing the traffic: The effects of Indonesia’s fuel subsidy reforms on toll-road travel

Indonesia has serious traffic jams. This study uses data from 19 Indonesian toll roads over...

Multidimensional poverty in Indonesia: How inclusive has economic growth been?

In this paper, we consider different approaches to assessing inclusive growth in...

Legislature Size, Local Government Spending, and Public Service Access in Indonesia

This study examines the impact of legislature size on local public finance outcomes in Indonesia. The investigation employs both continuity- and...

Clean water, safe future

Tackling Indonesia’s water and sanitation challenges.

A vision projected

A celebration of 50 Years of the ANU Indonesia Project.

Environmental implications of land-related policies in a decentralised Indonesia

More than a decade ago, Indonesia, a diverse archipelago rich in natural resources, began to adopt a strongly decentralised political and fiscal system. Significant powers are now at the district level, including over land use and forest management. Under the Suhartos’ New Order, centralised policies and programs, particularly those that are land-related, had boosted not only economic growth but also environmental degradation, such as deforestation and the conversion of peat-lands.

Grappling with employment problems in Aceh

The presentation focuses job creation in Aceh in the post-recovery period. It identifies two major challenges: high rates of unemployment (especially among females and youth) and low levels of labor productivity, particularly in agriculture and services. High unemployment has been a consequence of a shortfall in the demand for labor from business and government, unrealistic expectations and a disparity between the skills and the mix of jobs on offer.

Clearing the muddy waters

Research project to improve urban water management.


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