Crawford School working papers

Jotzo, F, May 2013, Emissions Trading in China: Principles, Design Options and Lessons from International Practice paper no. CCEP 1303.

Joshua C.C. Chan, May 2013, Moving average stochastic volatility models with application to inflation forecast paper no. CAMA Working Paper 31/2013.

Robert Kollmann, May 2013, Global banks, financial shocks and international business cycles: Evidence from an estimated model paper no. CAMA Working Paper 30/2013.

Robert Kollmann, May 2013, Tractable latent state filtering for Non-Linear DSGE Models using a second-order approximation paper no. CAMA Working Paper 29/2013.

Lukas Vacha, Karel Janda , Ladislav Kristoufek , David Zilbermand , May 2013, Time-frequency dynamics of biofuels-fuels-food system paper no. CAMA Working Paper 27/2013.

Michael D. Bradley, Dennis W. Jansen, Tara M. Sinclair, May 2013, How well does core inflation capture permanent price changes? paper no. CAMA Working Paper 26/2013.

Nicholas Apergis , Arusha Cooray , May 2013, Forecasting fiscal variables: Only a strong growth plan can sustain the Greek austerity programs - Evidence from simultaneous and structural models paper no. CAMA Working Paper 25/2013.

Andrew Clare , James Seaton, Peter N. Smith, Stephen Thomas , May 2013, The trend is our friend: Risk parity, momentum and trend following in global asset allocation paper no. CAMA Working Paper 24/2013.

Pongrapeeporn Abhakorn , Peter N. Smith , Michael R.Wickens , May 2013, What do the Fama-French factors add to CCAPM? paper no. CAMA Working Paper 23/2013.

Alfonso Mendoza Velázquez , Peter N. Smith , May 2013, Equity returns and the business cycle: The role of supply and demand shocks paper no. CAMA Working Paper 22/2013.

Betsey Stevenson, Justin Wolfers , May 2013, Subjective well-being and income: Is there any evidence of satiation? paper no. CAMA Working Paper 21/2013.

Kazuki Onji, May 2013, Who participates in corporate income tax consolidation? Evidence from Japan paper no. AJRC Working Papers 03/ 2013.

Mia Amalia, Budy P Resosudarmo, Jeff Bennett, May 2013, The consequences of urban air pollution for child health: What does self reporting data in the Jakarta metropolitan area reveal? paper no. ACDE Working Paper No. 2013/09.

Melisso Boschi, Massimiliano Marzo , Simone Salotti , May 2013, Domestic versus international determinantes of European business cycles: A GVAR Approach paper no. CAMA Working Paper 28/2013.

Callan, M, Davies, R, April 2013, When Business Meets Aid: Analysing Public-Private Partnerships for International Development paper no. DP 28.

Wood, P, Heindl, P, Jotzo, F, Loeschel, A, April 2013, Linking Price and Quantity Pollution Controls under Uncertainty paper no. CCEP 1302.

Thi Kim Cuc Nguyen , Reza Yamora Siregar , April 2013, Inflationary implication of gold price in Vietnam paper no. CAMA Working Paper 20/2013.

Stephen Hansen , Carlos Velasco Rivera , Michael McMahon , April 2013, How experts decide: Preferences or private assessments on a monetary policy committee? paper no. CAMA Working Paper 19/2013.

Stephen Hansen , Michael McMahon , April 2013, Estimating Bayesian decision problems with heterogeneous priors paper no. CAMA Working Paper 18/2013.

Joshua C.C. Chan , Cody Yu-Ling Hsiao , Renée A. Fry-McKibbin , April 2013, A regime switching skew-normal model for measuring financial drisis and contagion paper no. CAMA Working Paper 15/2013.


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