Crawford School working papers

Cai, L, Liu, A, December 2012, Wage Differentials between Immigrants and the Native-Born in Australia paper no. 1212.

Hayashi, M, Kataoka, M, Akita, T, December 2012, Spatial Dimensions of Expenditure Inequality and the Role of Education in Indonesia: An Analysis of the 2008-2010 Susenas Panel Data paper no. 1211.

Gerhard Hambusch , Sherrill Shaffer , December 2012, Forecasting bank leverage paper no. CAMA Working Paper 56/2012.

Warwick J McKibbin , Adele C Morris , Peter J Wilcoxen , December 2012, Bridging the gap: Integrating price mechanisms into international climate negotiations paper no. CAMA Working Paper 55/2012.

Kym Anderson, Gordon Rausser, Johan Swinnen, December 2012, Political economy of public policies: Insights from distortions to agricultural and food markets paper no. ACDE Working Paper No. 2012/18.

Warner, B , November 2012, Caribbean Integration – Lessons for the Pacific? paper no. DP 25.

Wei Jin , November 2012, International knowledge spillover and technology externality: Why multilateral R&D coordination matters for global climate governance paper no. CAMA Working Paper 53/2012.

Wei Jin , November 2012, Can China harness globalization to reap carbon savings? Modeling international technology diffusion in a multi-region framework paper no. CAMA Working Paper 52/2012.

Wei Jin , November 2012, Can technological innovation help China take on its climate responsibility? A computable general equilibrium analysis paper no. CAMA Working Paper 51/2012.

Wei Jin , November 2012, Revisiting the mechanism of endogenous technical change for climate policy analysis paper no. CAMA Working Paper 50/2012.

Ladislav Kristoufek , Karel Janda , David Zilberman , November 2012, Regime-dependent topological properties of biofuels networks paper no. CAMA Working Paper 49/2012.

Ippei Fujiwara , Yasuo Hirose , November 2012, Indeterminacy and forecastability paper no. CAMA Working Paper 48/2012.

Mardi Dungey , Matteo Luciani , David Veredas , November 2012, Ranking systemically important financial institutions paper no. CAMA Working Paper 47/2012.

Jane Golley , Rod Tyers , November 2012, Gender 'rebalancing' in China: A global-level analysis paper no. CAMA Working Paper 46/2012.

Pryke, J, October 2012, Careers in Development paper no. DP 24.

Zhang, Z, October 2012, Competitiveness and Leakage Concerns and Border Carbon Adjustments paper no. CCEP 1208.

Yingying Lu , Alison Stegman , Yiyong Cai , October 2012, Emissions intensity targeting: From China's 12th five year plan to its Copenhagen commitment paper no. CAMA Working Paper 45/2012.

James M. Nason , Ellis W. Tallman , October 2012, Business cycles and financial crises: The roles of credit supply and demand shocks paper no. CAMA Working Paper 44/2012.

Emmanuel De Veirman, Andrew T. Levin , October 2012, When did firms become more different? Time-varying firm-specific volatility in Japan paper no. CAMA Working Paper 43/2012.

Prasad, B, September 2012, Why Fiji is not the ‘Mauritius’ of the Pacific? Lessons for Small Island Nations in the Pacific paper no. DP 23.


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