Crawford School working papers

Nguyen, H.T.M., Do, H., Kay, A., Kompas, T., Nguyen, C. N., Tran, C.T., December 2017, The political economy of policy exceptionalism during economic transition: the case of rice policy in Vietnam paper no. Crawford School Working Paper 1713.

Leo Dobes, November 2017, A cross-border perspective on ‘standing’ in cost-benefit analysis paper no. Crawford School Working Paper 1711.

Renée Fry -McKibbin, Cody Yu -Ling Hsiao , Vance L. Martin, October 2017, Joint tests of contagion with applications to financial crises paper no. CAMA Working Paper 65/2017.

Nusrate Aziz, Arusha Cooray, Wing Leong Teo, October 2017, Do immigrants’ funds affect the exchange rate? paper no. CAMA Working Paper 64/2017.

Jakob B Madsen, October 2017, Is inequality increasing in r - g? Piketty’s principle of capitalist economics and the dynamics of inequality in Britain, 1210-2013 paper no. CAMA Working Paper 63/2017.

Benjamin Wong, October 2017, Historical decompositions for nonlinear vector autoregression models paper no. CAMA Working Paper 62/2017.

Joshua C.C. Chan, Yong Song, October 2017, Measuring inflation expectations uncertainty using high-frequency data paper no. CAMA Working Paper 61/2017.

October 2017, Chinese Import Competition and Skill Demand in Japanese Manufacturing paper no. AJRC Working Paper 03/2017.

Sabit Amum Otor , Matthew Dornan , September 2017, How Does Foreign Aid Impact Australian Exports in the Long-Run? paper no. Development Policy Centre Discussion Paper No. 62.

M.G. Garner, I.J. East, P.V. Ha, S.E. Roche, H.T.M. Nguyen, September 2017, Comparison of alternatives to passive surveillance to detect foot and mouth disease incursions in Victoria, Australia paper no. 1710.

Tom Kompas, Hoa-Thi-Minh Nguyen, Pham Van Ha, September 2017, Food and biosecurity: livestock production and towards a world free of foot-and-mouth disease paper no. 1709.

Hoa Thi Minh Nguyen, Roslyn I Hickson, Tom Kompas, Geoffry N. Mercer, Kamalini M. Lokuge, September 2017, Strengthening tuberculosis control overseas: Who benefits? paper no. 1708.

Chung Tran, Sebastian Wende, September 2017, On the marginal excess burden of taxation in an overlapping generations model paper no. TTPI Working Paper 7/2017.

Satya Paul, Sriram Shankar, September 2017, An alternative single parameter functional form for Lorenz Curve paper no. Crawford School Working Paper 1712.

Elmar Mertens, James M. Nason, September 2017, Inflation and professional forecast dynamics: An evaluation of stickiness, persistence, and volatility paper no. CAMA Working Paper 60/2017.

Yixiao Zhou , Rod Tyers, September 2017, Automation and inequality in China paper no. CAMA Working Paper 59/2017.

George Kapetanios , Simon Price, Garry Young , September 2017, A UK financial conditions index using targeted data reduction: forecasting and structural identification paper no. CAMA Working Paper 58/2017.

Irma Hindrayanto , Jan P.A.M. Jacobs, Denise R. Osborn, Jing Tian, September 2017, Trend-cycle-seasonal interactions: identification and estimation paper no. CAMA Working Paper 57/2017.

Warwick J. McKibbin, Andrew Stoeckel, September 2017, Modelling a complex world: Improving macro-models paper no. CAMA Working Paper 56/2017.

Robert Kollmann, September 2017, Tractable likelihood-based estimation of non- linear DSGE models paper no. CAMA Working Paper 55/2017.


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