Crawford School working papers

Tng Boon Hwa, Mala Raghavan, Teh Tian Huey, May 2017, Macro-financial effects of portfolio flows: Malaysia’s experience paper no. CAMA Working Paper 35/2017.

Stefano Eusepi, Bruce Preston, May 2017, Fiscal Foundations of Inflation: Imperfect Knowledge paper no. CAMA Working Paper 34/2017.

Nicholas Biddle, Katja Fels, Mathias G. Sinning, May 2017, Behavioural insights and business taxation: Evidence from two randomized controlled trials paper no. TTPI Working Paper 2/2017.

Prema-chandra Athukorala, May 2017, China’s evolving role in global production networks: implications for Trump's trade war paper no. ACDE Working Paper 2017/08.

Vinish Shrestha, Rashesh Shrestha Year: 2017, May 2017, Intergenerational effect of education reform program and maternal education on children’s educational and labor outcomes: evidence from Nepal paper no. ACDE Working Paper 2017/07.

Stern, D, April 2017, How Accurate are Energy Intensity Projections? paper no. CCEP Working Paper 1706.

Pierre L. Siklos, April 2017, What has publishing inflation forecasts accomplished? Central banks and their competitors paper no. CAMA Working Paper 33/2017.

Domenico Lombardi, Pierre L. Siklos, Samantha St. Amand, April 2017, Government bond yields at the effective lower bound: International evidence paper no. CAMA Working Paper 32/2017.

McGregor T, Wills S, April 2017, Surfing a wave of economic growth paper no. CAMA Working Paper 31/2017.

McKibbin WJ, Lee JW, Liu W, Song CJ, April 2017, Modelling the economic impacts of Korean unification paper no. CAMA Working Paper 30/2017.

Comunale M, Striaukas J, April 2017, Unconventional monetary policy: interest rates and low inflation: A review of literature and methods paper no. CAMA Working Paper 29/2017.

Mohaddes K, Raissi M, Weber A, April 2017, Can Italy grow out of its NPL overhang? A panel threshold analysis paper no. CAMA Working Paper 28/2017.

Eo Y, Lie D, April 2017, The role of the inflation target adjustment in stabilization policy paper no. CAMA Working Paper 27/2017.

Ramesh Chandra Paudel, Swarnim Wagle, April 2017, Export performance and potential with regional partners: The case of a landlocked LDC, Nepal paper no. ACDE Working Paper No. 2017/06.

Shuhei Nishitateno, Masato Shikata, April 2017, Has improved daycare accessibility increased Japan’s maternal employment rate? Municipal evidence from 2000-2010 paper no. ACDE Working Paper No. 2017/05.

Sam Fankhauser, Frank Jotzo, March 2017, Economic growth and development with low-carbon energy paper no. CCEP Working Paper 1705.

Shenglang Yang, March 2017, Unmeasured investment and the puzzling lost decades of the Japanese economy paper no. AJRC Working Paper 01/2017.

Jingyi Li , March 2017, Report on 2015 China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT) Survey Results: An Australian Perspective paper no. EABER Working Paper 129.

Voigt-Graf, C, Kagan, S, March 2017, Migration and labour mobility from Kiribati paper no. DP 56.

Davies, R, March 2017, Public enemies: the role of global public goods in aid policy narratives paper no. Development Policy Centre Discussion Paper No. 57.


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