Crawford School working papers

Paul, S, Shankar, S, February 2017, An Alternative Specification for Technical Efficiency Effects in a Stochastic Frontier Production Function paper no. 1703.

Xie, B, Gao, J, Zhang, S, Zhang, Z, February 2017, What factors affect the competiveness of power generation sector in China? An analysis based on game cross-efficiency paper no. CCEP 1702.

Rod Tyers, Yixiao Zhou, February 2017, Automation and inequality with taxes and transfers paper no. CAMA Working Paper 16/2017.

Timur Behlul, Anastasios Panagiotelis, George Athanasopoulos, Rob J Hyndman, Farshid Vahid, February 2017, The Australian Macro Database: An online resource for macroeconomic research in Australia paper no. CAMA Working Paper 15/2017.

Enrique Alberola, Gianluca Benigno, February 2017, Revisiting the commodity curse: A financial perspective paper no. CAMA Working Paper 14/2017.

M. Ayhan Kose, Csilla Lakatos, Franziska Ohnsorge, Marc Stocker, February 2017, The global role of the US economy: Linkages, policies and spillovers paper no. CAMA Working Paper 13/2017.

Adrian Pagan, February 2017, Some consequences of using "measurement error shocks" when estimating time series models paper no. CAMA Working Paper 12/2017.

Kamiar Mohaddes, Mehdi Raissi, February 2017, Do sovereign wealth funds dampen the negative effects of commodity price volatility? paper no. CAMA Working Paper 11/2017.

Markus Brueckner, Era Dabla-Norris, Mark Gradstein, Daniel Lederman, February 2017, The rise of the middle class and economic growth in ASEAN paper no. CAMA Working Paper 10/2017.

Rohan Best, February 2017, Switching towards coal or renewable energy? The effects of financial capital on energy transitions paper no. ACDE Working Paper No. 2017/02.

Hasan, S, February 2017, Price hike of staple food, nutritional impact and consumption adjustment: Evidence from the 2005-2010 rice price increase in rural Bangladesh paper no. 1702.

Peter Drysdale , Dong Dong Zhang, February 2017, China–Australia Economic Cooperation and the Belt and Road Initiative paper no. EABER Working Paper 128 .

Cornish, M , January 2017, Papua New Guinea Economics Graduate Exit Survey paper no. DP 53.

Hasan, S, Mozumder, P, January 2017, Income and energy use in Bangladesh: A household level analysis paper no. 1701.

Csereklyei, Z, Thurner, P, Langer, J, Küchenhoff, H, January 2017, Energy paths in the European Union: A model-based clustering approach paper no. CCEP 1701.

Wensheng Kang, Ronald A. Ratti, Joaquin Vespignani, January 2017, The impact of global uncertainty on the global economy, and large developed and developing economies paper no. CAMA Working Paper 9/2017.

Stefano Eusepi, Marc P. Giannoni, Bruce Preston, January 2017, Some implications of learning for price stability paper no. CAMA Working Paper 8/2017.

Ahmed, E, Rosser, Jr JB, Uppal, JY, January 2017, Financialization and speculative bubbles - International evidence paper no. CAMA Working Paper 6/2017.

Asako, Y, Funaki, Y, Ueda, K, Uto, N, January 2017, Symmetric information bubbles: Experimental evidence paper no. CAMA Working Paper 5/2017.

Peter A. Lang, January 2017, Nuclear power learning and deployment rates: disruption and global benefits forgone paper no. CAMA Working Paper 4/2017.


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